Tips for Kids Summer Eating

#1 Take a Vacation…
From Fast Food

Fast food is so convenient, especially when it’s too hot to cook. Pass on the McDonald’s Play Area, even if it’s cooler than the scorching park. If it’s too hot, have a barbecue or a picnic outside.

It’s easier to eat healthier during the warm summer months. There’s an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. The weather is perfect for grilling and picnics. It’s nearly impossible to get a “healthy” hot dog, so grill chicken or lean meats, throw veggies on the grill and enjoy being outside.

#2 Sweet Summer
Food purchased at ballparks, carnivals, fairs and amusement parks, beaches, pools and water parks is usually lacking in nutrition and high in sugars and artificial ingredients. Cotton candy is spun sugar and artificial ingredients. A cold pop won’t really quench your thirst and won’t hydrate you. Candied apples negate the benefit of eating a fruit. Fried food is loaded with trans fat.

Pack your own healthy picnic lunch, drinks and snacks. Load your cooler with turkey sandwiches and salads. If you must have chips, purchase organic. Add seasonal fruit and nuts for energy.

Zac waters a deck garden.

#3 Kid Delight
Kids reach for junk, because it’s there. Pack your pantry with healthful snacks. Have your kids help in the veggie garden. Or involve them while grocery shopping. Find a local framer’s market. Engage your children with the making of summer meals. It’s the perfect time to teach them about nutrition, healthy foods and release your child’s inner chef.

Summer fruit is not only tasty, but hydrates as well: watermelon, peaches, cantaloupes, papayas and mangoes. Stay clear of sugared sports’ drinks, for re-hydration reach for natures sports drink: coconut water. Don’t forget water! Water is exactly what your body needs when it’s 100 degrees outside.


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