Nonna, Nonna How Does Your Garden Grow?

It’s been a month since I planted my veggie seeds. Most things are growing well. This is the first vegetable garden I’ve attempted in over 30  years.

I knew that I’d be learning a lot this first year, but didn’t know what I didn’t know.

My son-in-law built a 7-foot deer fence. That is to keep the deer OUT of my garden. This is the birthing season and any day now we will see newborn fawns. As much fun as that is, the mother deer will eat EVERYTHING in site. Naturally, before even planting seeds, a fence needed to be erected.

Tristan is helping me survey my garden.

I must say that so far I’m pleased with the way things are growing in my garden. I knew that this first year, I wouldn’t start seed indoors. Next year, I will defiantly start seeds 4 or 6 weeks before I plan on putting them in the ground. Colorado has a very short growing season. By the time the danger of a last frost passes, you are really into June.

What I’ve Learned Thus Far:

  1. Even if I don’t start all seeds indoors, eggplant and peppers most surely need a head start. The eggplant and pepper plants are warm weather plants. The tiny plants are just peeking up. I went out to purchase eggplant and pepper plants. If I wait for those tiny seedlings, there won’t be enough time for the fruit to ripen.
  2. I should have planted the lettuce seeds further apart.
  3. I LOVE puttering in my garden. Weeds don’t have a chance, because I’m out there everyday. Maybe, that will change.
  4. I may rearrange the way I planted the seeds next year. Some things I only put in  a few seeds. I’m not sure how much we will consume. Next year, I’ll have a better idea.


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