Grocery Sales Cycle

The Natural Foods store near me has had avocados on sale. Last week, they were five for $5. I was in their store yesterday and avocados were on my grocery list once again. The avocados were still on sale. This time the sign read “10 for $10.” I couldn’t help myself: I laughed out loud. The woman standing next to me did the same thing.

The produce manager walked by and we mentioned the new sign. “So what’s the difference?” I ask.

He answered, “You get twice as many!”

Purchasing food on sale helps to keep your grocery bill reasonable, but you need to be careful that you’re actually getting a discount. Sometimes, the advertised special will be a “loss-leader.” That means the sale item is priced lower than cost and is designed to increase traffic in hopes you will purchase other items. Other times, the advertised special price is actually the same or a little higher than normal. The store is banking on the premise that people don’t remember the regular cost of the item.

Cade is helping his mom with the grocery shopping.

How to Purchase Sale Items
Most grocery items have a sales cycle of three months, some six. That means when your favorite cereal is on sale, that is the lowest price it will be for another three months (three months is a good rule of thumb).

When stocking up on a sale item, look at the expiration date. If the item’s best by date is at least three months out, then purchase enough to last approximately three months. That way you will not only get the lowest price, you’ll begin to stock up for potential emergencies. If your favorite jar of salsa goes on sale once or twice a year, then by all means purchase a case.

Grocery Sales Cycle
The grocery sales cycle generally follows holidays and seasonal produce.

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