Kids Need Fats

I NEVER purchase low-fat products. I avoid them like the plague. The whole low-fat craze is a marketing gimmick. People have heard “eat low-fat” for so long, that they don’t know it’s really not healthful. What we should be eating are healthful fats.

A recent study by Cornell University found that people over-consume low-fat foods. When people purchased a low-fat product the study found people consumed up to 50 percent more. Simply seeing the words “low-fat” encourages people to consume 84 extra calories!

People feel less guilt about eating low-fat products. Unfortunately, most times to make up for the reduction in fat, sugar is added to improve the taste. Adding insult to injury, people misjudge the portion size.

Tristan knew all along, that low-fat processed foods were unhealthy for kids.

Your Body Needs Fat
Here’s the clincher: Your body needs fat! In fact, your brain is 60 percent fat. Your body needs oils to survive. Although, you need the right kinds of fat.

Today, most of the fat consumed is the wrong kind of fat. Your body can’t properly handle trans fat. Trans fat has a half-life of 51days. That is your body is trying to deal with it for almost two months and your liver has to work overtime! That belly fat you see on so many people is a result of trans fat.

Eating a diet too low in fat can lead to poor vitamin absorption. Some vitamins like A, D and K are fat soluble. Your body needs fat to utilize them. Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are essential for normal immune and nervous system function. Furthermore, a diet that’s too low in fat can cause depression. Omega-3s and 6s play roles in mood and behavior.

Junk Science
It’s junk science to promote low-fat diets for kids. Dr. John C. Kostyak at the University of Delaware lead a clinical study examining how much fat kids burn in order to support normal growth and energy needs. he grams of fat oxidized relative to the calories they burned were 46 percent higher than adults! The researchers also found females (children and adults) oxidized more fat relative to calorie expenditures than males of the same age.

Children should NEVER be put on a low fat diet. Children’s bodies are still developing and need the right kinds of fat in their diets to be healthy. Kid’s bodies need more fat to fuel growth. Low-fat diets don’t meet the nutritional needs for children.

What To Do

  1. Instead of reaching for that low-fat snack food, purchase real food with real ingredients.
  2. Use coconut oil in cooking and extra virgin olive oil in salads, you won’t have to worry about fat content. Your body will utilize these fats. Interestingly, coconut oil has been used for weight loss.
  3. Contrary to what most believe: Drink full-fat milk.
  4. Give your kids lemon-flavored cod liver oil every day.

What To Avoid

  1. Read labels and avoid all trans fats. Trans fats are still found in most processed foods (especially cookies). Anything with the word hydrogenated or shortening on the ingredient list is a trans fat.
  2. Avoid fried foods when you eat out. All oil is heated to such a high temperature by restaurants, that it turns the oil into a trans fat.
  3. Since people are becoming more aware of trans fat, interesterified fat is being substituted. You may see the words “NO Trans Fats” on the label, but interesterified fat is used. “Interesterified” should make you terrified. It’s just another man-made replacement for trans fat. If it’s possible they are worse than trans fats. Vegetable oils go through a “purification” process, then hydrogenated and then interesterification.

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One thought on “Kids Need Fats

  1. Annette says:

    Sometimes when I have the coconut oil out my daughter (5) will ask for a spoonful of it. I tell my kids that good fat is brain food. Great post as always.

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