Wishing I Was Wonder Woman

I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to run “Wishing I Was Wonder Woman” again. I wrote this piece on the Proverbs 31 woman in May, 1990. I first posted it on this site in 2009. Happy Mother’s Day!

Wishing I Was Wonder Woman

4-girls.jpgIt’s Mother’s Day again. I’m dreading the annual sermon on “A wife of a noble character” found in Proverbs 31.

When I was a young mom, the life of this Wonder Woman captivated me. I wanted to be her. Her children thought she was terrific and her husband praised her. She was said to be full of wisdom and dignity, had a great sense of humor, and was more precious than jewels. After hearing more than a few sermons about this total woman, I’m beginning to resent her.

Left to right: Jenny, Joy, Julie-ann & Jackie. Photo taken about the time I wrote “Wishing I Was Wonder Woman.”

Where did Wonder Woman find the time to run several businesses (she was an entrepreneur), be the perfect wife and mother, AND care for the poor? Keeping up with my kids, my husband, and our house is more than a full-time job. Yes like Wonder Woman, I get up to make breakfast for my kids, before they go off to school. But, the wonderful wife of a noble character was up while it was STILL DARK (verse 18). The same verse mentions her lamp doesn’t go out at night! When does this woman sleep? I’m lucky if I can make it to the end of the nightly news on TV. By nine o’clock I’m close to comatose.

joann-girls.jpg Proverbs Wonder Woman (verse 24) made clothing for her family. So did I, that is until 1974, the year of the prairie dress. For a reason I can’t seem to recall, I thought our girls should have matching dresses. I must have been blinded by the cuteness of it all. At that time we had three girls ages 1, 4 and 5 (Joy was born two years later).

I wound up making three long prairie dresses, three long pinafores to wear over the prairie dresses, and three matching bonnets. By the time I finished, I vowed I’d never sew again. That was the end of my “making of garments.”

Had to show off the prairie dresses and pinafores. The bonnets are not pictured. Girls left to right: Julie-ann, Jenny and Jackie. Joy was born two years after this picture was taken. I’m all of 26. (Was I ever that young?)

The wife of a noble character considered a field, bought it, planted it, and set about her work vigorously (verses 16-17). In 1977, we moved to the country. It was time for me to plant a garden. We already had the field (our backyard); all I had to do is plant it. For three years, I dug, fertilized, pulled weeds, and kept the dogs, birds, and kids out of my little garden. We ate zucchini casserole, zucchini bread, zucchini and tomatoes, and zucchini salad. My husband even claims I made zucchini ice cream, but it’s not true. Proverbs didn’t comment on yield of the field, maybe Wonder Woman grew zucchini, too.

“Her children arise and call her blessed” (verse 28). I didn’t have a problem with this verse until my children hit the teen years. All of a sudden, I didn’t know anything. I was embarrassing to be around. They had a mother, how juvenile! I can’t remember one of them uttering an intelligible word first thing in the morning. To make matters worse, my teens never called me “blessed.”

I’m wishing I was Wonder Woman, but I’m an ordinary mom and don’t measure up. How can I listen to another discourse on the Proverbs 31 Wonder Woman? Oh, oh, oh, perhaps this ancient woman was NOT Wonder Woman, but just an ordinary woman. Perhaps the events recorded in Proverbs accumulated over a lifetime. Perhaps the lifestyle of this godly woman might be attainable, even today. Perhaps an ordinary woman (like me) with God’s grace is able to achieve many things—not all at once, but one at a time.


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4 thoughts on “Wishing I Was Wonder Woman

  1. Jackie says:

    Mom, These pictures are too funny. The kids recognized us all! I like how you explained that the Proverbs 31 woman was over the span of a lifetime. I always remind myself that she had maidservants as well. 🙂
    Thank you for being an example of a godly woman. We love you!

  2. Suzanne Vaughan says:

    Boy do I relate to your wonder woman article! Yesterday I posted on facebook this: “Always hated Mother’s Day because I felt I never measured up.” This was because I would show up at church on Mother’s Day having arisen at 0 dark thirty to get me and the 4 of them dressed and ready…only to listen to talks by people who had “perfect mothers” who never got angry, never raised their voices, never said a bad thing about anyone, always were kind and loving, and did everything!!! I had just screamed at my kids all morning to eat breakfast, brush their teeth, get on their Sunday shoes, zip up, stop fighting in the car…all the way to church.
    Somehow I never met those standards I heard every Mother’s day at church. However, my kids turned out great…in spite of me. I am so grateful!

  3. Kay Beitzel says:

    After living in Alaska for 6 years, getting up while its still dark was an everyday occurance in the winter. Even in Southern Alaska the sun didn’t come up until almost 10 am. Then it would set again around 3pm.

    I definitly think she was an ordinary woman like us all, just taking things one day at a time.
    I love this article!

  4. Shannon says:

    Great and timely article, Joann! I remember those pictures… especially the earlier one … hanging on your hall wall…

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