New Mini Book–Want Flies With That?

Book on Back Burner for 2 Years
The idea for my new book Want Flies With That? has been sitting on the back burner for two years. Well, actually it was in the deep freeze.

Recently, a friend suggested I publish a mini-book. That’s when I actually considered pulling the information together.

My blog, “Happy Birthday to My Happy Meal” went viral in 2010. This unexpectedly revealed people’s passion about fast foods. We all know junk and fast foods have created a health crisis and obesity pandemic for our children. I was still surprised the interest for my satirical expose´of children’s fast food penetrated the blogosphese in a few days. It became clear that emotions run high and people are zealous about their fast food!

My server crashed three times, before it was all over and I was interviewed across the globe, including Canada, England, Scotland, Sweden and China. My new mini-book Want Flies With That? chronicles how “Happy Birthday to My Happy Meal” came about and the startling consequences of chemicals in our food.

Food Insights Every Parent Should Know
There are mini-chapters with helpful information for all parents, including:
Freaky Fried Food
Nonna’s Ten Worst Foods of the Decade
Not So Friendly Kid Food Products
Psychedelic Flavors
GMOs Dangerous For Kids
Wholesome Treats
What To Eat When You Eat Out

Friends 40% Discount
I’m so excited about the Want Flies With That? mini-book, I’m offering an introductory price of $6 (for the $10 book) to my friends. However, I have a little glitch with my Baby Bite’s store server, Hostway. Seems I can’t adjust the price of shipping. With a mini-book which is approximately 4 ounces, it’s just silly to charge $4 for shipping and handling.

So I Got Creative
For a limited time, as an introductory offer, Want Flies With That? can be purchased for about $8 INCLUDING shipping. The shipping charges are automatically set by the server, so you’ll see the cost of Want Flies With That? adjusted to $4 to compensate. There’s no other option to make the discounted price for the mini-book come out to $6 with a $2 shipping charge. I said I got creative, didn’t I?

When you order Want Flies With That? enter your zip code and click on “ESTIMATED TOTAL.” You’ll see the shipping charge added to the price of the book for a total close to $8.

If the shipping total is still too high (and you live in the U.S.), just mail a check for $8 to Baby Bites, PO Box 100, Parker, Colorado 80134 and I will put a copy of Want Flies With That? in the mail directly after I receive it.

To order Want Flies With That?
Go to the Baby Bites Store…Click Here. You’ll see the image for Want Flies With That? on the right of the store page. Click on the title to purchase.

2. Or place a check for $8 ($6 Friends Discount for the book and $2 for shipping) in the mail to Baby Bites, PO Box 100, Parker, Colorado 80134. I’ll send you a copy of Want Flies With That? as soon as I receive your check.


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