Healthy Eating Trends

Happy Eating News from The Food Channel

The Food Channel’s Top Ten Trends in Healthy Eating are encouraging! People are becoming aware of our food supply pollution. As a result, they’re incorporating healthy changes into their lives. This is the Food Channel’s Top Ten Trend list:

1. Fooducation. People are eating smarter and becoming informed on what’s in the food they consume. More are reading nutrition labels. They are also passionate about what they want.

2. Health Entertainment. TV has jumped on the food bandwagon. The Biggest Loser and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution are two food related programs on network TV. Of course, there is the Food Network, dedicated to programming about food.

3. Keep It Simple. The best way to avoid chemicals and additives is to purchase whole foods with simple ingredients. Consumers are now searching these products out. They are looking for “clean” labels. Oatmeal has once again become a popular breakfast food.

4. Legislating Healthy Eating. Government is enacting laws requiring calories to be printed on menus. Five states, California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Main, and Oregon, have enacted menu-labeling legislation. (I admit, I find this confusing. The FDA has approved all the harmful chemicals and additives present in our food. Seems like an oxymoron.)

5. Chain Restaurants Get Calorie Conscious. Restaurants like KFC, Taco Bell and Applebee’s area now offering low calorie meals.

6. Sugar: A Bitter/Sweet Story. Sugar is gaining ground over High Fructose Corn Syrup as more food producers are moving back to sugar. This is an improvement over HFCS, but sugar is still too prevalent in our food, especially in government school lunches.

7. New Super Foods. The media regularly covers the “super-food” of the moment. This coverage helps to educated the public.

8. Fresh Not Processed. “Processed” has become demonized. People are demanding fresh foods. Foods made with real ingredients.

9. Antioxidants in Demand. Fresh produce, such as berries, beans and artichokes, are being sought out for their antioxidant properties.

10. Organic Everywhere. This, for me, is the most encouraging news. Organic food can be found EVERYWHERE! As a result, organic foods are becoming more affordable. People know about the Dirty Dozen and do their best to avoid them, by purchasing organic. The Dirty Dozen are the produce with the highest level of pesticides. Consumers are purchasing these in the organic form more often.

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