Nutritional Facts Gone Too Far

Not everyone takes the time to read nutrition facts, but I do. I appreciate the nutritional information now available on processed food.

Thirty years ago, it was pretty much a guessing game on what was in a food product. The odd thing is, today, only one in three people take the time to read the nutrition label. However, only one percent read at all the information. And many purchase the product regardless of what they read.

I have to admit, I rarely note the calorie count, although, I pay close attention to the sugar content and what kind of sugar was used. Click Here for various names of sugar used on the nutrition label. I think counting calories is useless. Eating whole foods with little or no sugar is health building.

The second ingredient I always check is trans fat. Not only the grams, I also check the ingredient list for trans fat and interesterified fat.

I bet you never thought I’d say the government nutritional facts have gone too far. But in this latest effort to keep us healthy, New York City has taken the nutritional information to the moon.

New York City has banned food donations to homeless shelters. This progressive idea is to protect citizens. New York City officials stated that it’s impossible to gauge donated food items’ salt, fiber and nutritional content. Crazy you say? Not to Mayor Bloomberg.

A lawsuit by the City Council has been filed against the city concerning this food ban. City council members and homeless advocates are angry about what they call a “misguided plan.”

“Misguided” is a polite way of saying “stupid.” Private charities are much more efficient at taking care of the needy. Government control only means the health and wellbeing of the homeless will suffer.




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