Wash Those Toxins Away

Spring has sprung. And so has springtime viruses and allergies. As an allergy sufferer, I usually don’t look forward to June (actually May, June and July), when grass pollinates. As of late, largely because of changing my diet, my grass allergies have improved, along with my overall health. Yet, allergies are still a concern.

I found something recently, that I’m extremely excited about. Dirt…Yep, dirt. It’s called bentonite clay and is composed of aged volcanic ash. The largest deposit is found in Fort Benton, Wyoming—the reason for its name.

I found that bentonite clay has been used for hundreds of years to cleanse the liver, colon and skin. It balances bacteria in the digestive tract, it improves nutrient assimilation, and strengthens the immune system. Bentonite clay contains montmorillonite which is a mineral thought to be responsible for it’s healing qualities.
When Tristan eats dirt he gets into trouble.
Why is it okay when Nonna eats dirt?

Sponge Up Toxins
The particles of bentonite contain a negative charge. These particles attract toxins and pathogens, including bacteria, metals and pesticides which all have a positive charge. The toxins cling to the bentonite and are then excreted through the elimination system of the body. Because bentonite is chemically inactive, liquid bentonite does not get digested or absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract. When it passes through the intestinal tract, it binds the positively charged toxins and absorbs them. It works like a sponge.

Death Begins in the Colon
If your colon is clean and healthy, you should be well. Bentonite clay eliminates toxins from the colon. This can eliminate food and seasonal allergies, food poisoning, colitis, viral infections and parasites. It can relieve constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, indigestion and support organ functions.

Because it’s a natural substance, even children and pets can benefit from bentonite. Of course, you need to adjust the dosage. I have a 7-month-old puppy, Spanky. Despite being on a grain-free, raw diet, Spanky has had severe food allergies since we got him. I started him on bentonite, yesterday. The last few years, bentonite has been used for chelation, internal cleansing and detoxification, of children with autism.

With all the toxins in our food and enviornment, I’m glad I found out about bentonite clay. It’s not expensive either. Some might say, “It’s as cheap as dirt!” I was having some tummy troubles myself and started taking Sonne’s #7 (bentonite clay) . I felt 100 percent better in a day! Now, I’m excited to see June roll around this year…Take that grass allergies.


Note: If you experience constipation when you begin taking bentonite clay, it’s because the clay is pulling out the old mucoid, putrefied plaque lodged in the lower colon. As it cleanses the colon, this build up is thrown into the colon canal to be discharged from the body. If there is a lot of build up present, constipation can occur. This is generally resolved within a few days. If you experience constipation do whatever you need to do to keep your plumbing in working order. It may be necessary to take phylliumn along with the clay initially. Psyllium fiber will act as a broom to keep things moving. It’s important to drink lots of water when taking clay (and psyllium fiber)  to help flush out the toxins and soften the old fecal matter.



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