Hamburger Isn’t What It Used To Be

Using Ground Beef to Stretch
Your Grocery Budget?

Families are looking for ways to make their grocery dollars stretch. In the past, ground beef has been mothers’ helper. Not necessarily so today. BLMT or Pink Slime is used as a filler in most ground beef sold in grocery stores. As the name suggests, Boneless Lean Beef Trimmings (BLMT) are 100 percent USDA inspected beef. Sounds good, but, consumers are repulsed.

Boneless lean beef trimmings is a gelatinous pink slime used as filler in most ground beef. These are meat trimmings, which used to be sold for dog food.

Meat used in dog food, now found in ground beef at the grocers.

Cow connective tissue and beef scraps are being added to ground beef. The meat in these trimmings is nearly impossible to separate with a knife so, this product only could be used in dog food or cooked beef products. The meat was cooked and the fat separated for tallow.

The Problem
But now Beef Products, Inc. has a process, which separates the fat from the beef. This beef is used in ground meat foods like sausages. You might expect to find less desirable parts of beef in sausage and hot dogs, but not in ground beef. In fact, BLMT is in 70 percent of the ground beef sold today. Thanks to former Undersecretary to Agriculture, Joann Smith, there’s no label requirement for BLMT .

Gerald Zirnstein, a former USDA scientist, is the whistle blower, who brought this issue to light. BLMT is NOT fresh ground beef. The meat remaining on the fat, which is cut away, is salvaged by heating at a low temperature. How can meat which has been heated be called “fresh”? Then the meat trimmings are spun out. The beef is then sprayed with ammonia to kill bacteria in the meat. It is then mixed into fresh ground beef as an additive.

BLMT is a cheap substitute for ground beef. It is a staple in school lunches. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that the government purchased 7 million pounds of BLMT to use in school lunches.

You Can Avoid Pink Slime
Thirty percent of beef does not contain Pink Slime. Purchase your ground beef at one of these locations:


Whole Foods



Ahold (Stop & Shop/Giant)

Or purchase organic beef



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