Thinking About My Garden

It’s the first week of March, way to early to plant anything, yet. Still, I’m thinking about my garden. Actually, I’ve been thinking about my vegetable garden for almost a year.

I watched the sun move over my backyard last summer, trying to find the best spot to plant a vegetable garden.

Once I decided where the garden would be located, I turned over the earth. Last fall, I worked in mulch. As soon as the snow melts, the garden soil will once again turned over and a fence erected to keep out the deer. Deer think my flower garden is a salad bar. I don’t want to be feeding the deer masses this summer.

No picture of my garden yet, but that is my garden wagon.
I’m taking a walk with Spanky, Darla and Tristan.
The only one getting much exercise is ME!

This week I ordered organic vegetable seeds. Hey, if I’m going organic, I might as well start with organic seed, right?

Ordering seed for the first time is a bit confusing. Deborah, a friend of mine who is a master gardener, recommended Morgan County Seeds. Morgan County Seeds is a seeds and supply store for home gardens, organic growing, greenhouse operations, and commercial vegetable growing. Their products and prices are extremely competitive. Most importantly they do NOT handle any GMO seeds.

After looking around at other websites, I ended up there. Their site was having difficulty with the product page, so I ended up calling. They were extremely helpful and didn’t make me feel like an idiot for asking stupid questions.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of my vegetable garden. I’ll even take pictures as I go along.



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