Edible Food Fun

Kids are creative by nature. Just let them loose in your kitchen and they’ll come up with wonderful ideas. Making edible creations is fun for kids. They get the tactile experience and the pride of a task completed when making edible food creations.

You don’t have to be an artist to wash a piece of celery, spread some nut butter on it and add a few raisins for “ants on a log.” Or make funny-face pancakes. Your kids can make a funny octopus fruit snack with half a lime for the body and green grapes arranged on the plate for tentacles.

You can make a beautiful butterfly with thin slices of apples, nut butter and carrot strips. The apples with nut butter centers are arranged like wings and the carrot strips are placed between them for the body. See how creative your little food-artists can be. Prepare slices of fresh fruit and veggies to arrange on the plate.

Making edible food art is especially helpful for picky eaters. The more a fussy eater is involved with the preparation of a meal, the more likely they will eat it. The multi-sensory experience when making food art helps the picky eater to appreciate whole foods. Creating animals or flowers with food is fun! Chapter 12 of Baby Bites is titled “Play with Food.” There are a dozen fun food facts and activities to do with food.

What kind of flowers or animals will you and your child come up with? My granddaughter, Ally, came up with this food creation on her own. She emailed me the directions for her Mouse Egg creation. (The Internet is wonderful!):

Hi Nonna!

This is a picture of a mouse egg I made up.

The cage is made out of two miniature orange slices cut down the long way, with toothpicks for bars.

The mouse is the middle of a hard-boiled egg, but it sure looks like cheese in this picture!

It has olive eyes and nose, with carrots for ears.

If you peel the skin off of the carrot, like my mom, you can just peel again and off comes a carrot strip, which I used for the tail.

I used toothpicks to hold the olive pieces in place.

If you decide to make it, or put it on your blog, I would use a whole orange that isn’t miniature!

Love, Ally



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