A Dozen Ways to Save on Groceries

Twenty-five Percent of Americans Worry About their Feeding Families

Katelyn is pinching pennies.

Results of a nationwide survey reveal one in four Americans worry about having enough money to put food on the table in the next year. The online survey, initiated as part of Tyson’s “KNOW Hunger” campaign, also found two-thirds of those surveyed rated hunger as a more serious problem nationally than in their own community.

The survey also found 53 percent believe children often eat cheap, unhealthy foods so families can pay rent.

How do you give your family good quality, healthy meals each day but stick to your budget at the same time? Forget coupons. For the most part they’re for highly priced processed foods.

A Dozen Ways to SAVE

1. Plan your meals weekly and shop with the Baby Bites Grocery List.

2. Cook from scratch with whole foods.

3. Read labels.

4. Never let food go to waste. Love your left-overs.

5. Use less meat. Eat more vegetarian.

6. Buy in season.

7. Buy in bulk, keep your pantry stocked. Warehouse stores like Costco can be a real budget saver.

8. Comparison shop online and at the grocery store.

9. Forget packaged snacks.

10. Have quick meal recipe ready (casseroles are great meal stretchers), so you don’t resort to fast food when you are in a time crunch.

11. Avoid marketing ploys: Watch out for impulse items and be aware of product placement.

12. Watch the scanner. Incorrect prices occur. Stay alert.

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