Food Presentation Affects Choices

Turns out top chefs are right, presentation matters, even for kids. According to a study published in Acta Paediatrica, children’s food choices are influenced by presentation.

The study, led by researches from Cornell University, found that while adults tend to find three items of different colors most appealing, children preferred much greater diversity. On average, they preferred seven different items on their plates and six different colors.

Think like a kid, because kids find different things appealing.
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Study co-author and Cornell postdoctoral research assoicate Kevin Kniffen said, “Compared with adults, children not only prefer plates with  more elements and colors, but also their entrees placed in the front of the plate with figurative designs.”

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The Big Bite Activities incorporate all seven sensory techniques. When you accomplish an activity with your child, she’ll listen to you read the steps, interact with you verbally, touch the food, move as required to complete the activity,  completed, and lastly smell and taste the result.

Always keep in mind how your child thinks. Learning is fun for kids. Don’t make mealtime a chore. Remember to keep food visually appealing, it’ll make a difference for the picky eater.

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