Replace Empty Foods

Replace empty foods with whole foods! Especially for the picky eater, there should be absolutely no snacking between meals.

You want your fussy eater to be hungry during meals. The only snack to even consider is one immediately after school. This should be a mini-meal, no soda pop or chips, or even popcorn. (For special occasions, replace soda pop with carbonated water, mixed in equal parts with 100 percent fruit juice.)

Your kids’ after school snack should not contain carbohydrates (cookies, cupcakes, chips, candy, crackers, donuts, ice cream, soda pop, etc.) The only way to effectively accomplish this is to clean out the junk food from your pantry. For optimum results, teamwork is required. It’s likely the entire family’s diet needs improving. If your spouse isn’t in agreement, your best efforts will most likely be sabotaged.

Cade knows, the food battle is won (or lost) in the grocery store.

How can you expect junior to develop self-control, when he sees other family members regularly gorging on junk food? If your pantry contains chip, cookies and the like, you’ll need to replace them with nutritious snacks. Whole grain crackers, cheese, fruit, nuts, popcorn are some healthy snacks. (Click Here for more snacking ideas.)

The toddler is dependent on her parents for planning the daily menu, but the older child is already helping himself. If your child is accustomed to snacking on junk food and drinking pop or other kids’ sugar drinks, you can’t expect a positive change in eating habits with the offending foods within his reach.

The battle is won or lost in the grocery store. This is the perfect time to implement your New Year’s resolutions. Begin the next time you’re grocery shopping. Only purchase whole foods.

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