Realistic Expectations

The goal of Baby Bites is for your child to appreciate new tastes and experience different textures, before taking the first bite. The first Baby Bite step is all about experiencing food–not eating. After the first seven days, one new food is featured every week. This new food is called the Featured Food of the week.

The Baby Bites steps are designed for habits to be established in three weeks, but it’ll take longer for an extremely resistant eater to eat everything with the family. Think about it, the most resistant child in four short weeks, will add four new foods to the list of things he regularly eats. In three months, that’s at least a dozen! The goal isn’t to overwhelm your child, but to alter  perceptions and acquire new tastes.
Tristan can give his mom a run for her money!
Baby Bites gives you the tools to outsmart your picky toddler.

Flavor is a combination of smell and taste (plus texture). By teaching children to smell, feel, and explore foods, they’re learning ow to appreciate new flavors. Taste is a part of the flavor, but not all of it. Many children have learned to only appreciate sweet and salty tastes.

Taste buds are located on the tip, sides, and back of the tongue. There are four or five different tastes, depending on whom you ask. Sweet, bitter, sour, and salty are commonly recognized, but the Chinese define a fifth taste: Umamie, which is pungent or savory like meat. In addition, French scientists have located fat receptors on the tongue, explaining the desire for fat in our diets.

Your preschool child’s stomach is about as large as his fist. Keep portions very small. For more see “Train Up a Child” in Chapter four of Baby Bites: Transforming a Picky Eater into a Healthy Eater.

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