5 Tips for Healthy Happy Holidays

holiday-gifts.jpgThis is the busiest time of the year. It begins with Hanukkah, next Christmas and then New Year’s Eve celebrations, ending with January 1 football games and more partying.

More people will be entertaining this month, than any other time of year. The challenge is how to eat healthy when sugar, white flour, altered fats, high fructose corn syrup and artificial food flavorings and colorings are everywhere. In fact, holiday gatherings are landmines of hidden chemicals.

You can still enjoy the season, yet remain healthy if you follow the following tips:

Presents make all kids happy!

1) It makes sense to feed your family a light healthy snack before going to a holiday gathering. Parents often don’t have much control over what their kids eat at other people’s homes (especially Grandma’s house). The trick is to eat whole foods first. Chips, candy, cookies and other sugary foods won’t be so tempting, if your child’s tummy has previously eaten a whole food.

2) At the party, load up your (and your kid’s) plate with veggies, fruit, cheese, and slices of turkey or roast beef. After you and your kids have feasted on real food, indulge in the holiday’s treats. You won’t eat as much, because you’ll already be satisfied with whole food. Keep a look out for super foods: blueberries and other fruits, veggie slices, salmon, deviled eggs, and nuts.

3) Foods to avoid or at least hold off eating until you’ve had some real food: Crackers are the worst for altered fats. It’s hard to find a cracker that doesn’t have interesterified  fat as an ingredient. Candy and cookies are loaded with sugar and food colorings. Baked goods usually are made with white flour, lots of sugar, many times have altered fats, and are devoid of nutrients.

4) Choose your beverage wisely. Soda pop has approximately 10 to 14 teaspoons of sugar in one can. (I say, save your sugar consumption for chocolate, and the darker the chocolate the better it is for you!)

5) Keep a proper perspective. If you over indulge in junk foods, get back on track New Year’s Day.

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