An Italian Thanksgiving

The “Italian Thanksgiving” came around on email. I don’t know the originator of An Italian Thanksgiving.

This is just like the Thanksgivings I experienced as a child. In fact, if I didn’t know better, I’d think this photo was taken of my family.

The Italian Thanksgiving email is too good to pass up, so I’m posting it here for you. Enjoy (You’re sure to get hungry)!

There are only a few items missing from this Italian Thanksgiving list: Olive Salad, Arancini (Rice Balls) and Caponata (eggplant appetizer) which were found on our holiday table.

“When I was a kid growing up, Thanksgiving  was a day to reflect on what we had to be thankful for and to see my family together. After this peaceful moment of no one screaming at each other (Italians are loud), it was time to eat!”

ANDIAMO! (Let’s Go!!!)

“Now Italians do it all little bit  different from the rest, but what else is new?” First we start with ANTIPASTO then LASAGNA  or  MANICOTTI (depending on what you had last year). Meat and gravy, then soup. Now we get to the meal: Turkey, stuffing, roasted potatoes. Then Broccli Rabe, roasted red peppers. sauteed mushrooms, sauteed string beans, bread and salad. To wash it all down we had homemade wine and 7 Up from the glass bottle. Then after the men had a 2-hour nap and the women cleaned all the dishes we had chestnuts, mixed nuts, fresh fruit, dried figs and finocchio. Then we served dessert. Italian cookies, sfogliatelle, cannoli and Italian pastry. During this feast we enjoyed a nice espresso with Marie Brizard Anisette or Romana Sambuca. Then after that we needed a little something for digestivo.”

Here are just a few of the photos which were included in the email. (They wouldn’t all load onto one page.)
















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