37 Food Items You Need

There are many people willing to take your money on the Internet. Because of the uncertainty of the times, they play on your fears. One gimmick that has been around for months is the “37 critical items you need to stay alive and healthy.” They warn, “You won’t be able to buy these later.”

The promo is somber and startling. If you follow the ad, the info they want to sell you is worth $97, but you can now purchase it for only $27. That’s a deal for sure. But I don’t believe the information they are selling is all that hard to obtain.

Do I encourage everyone to have a minimum of three WEEKS food storage? YES! Why? Grocery stores have only 3 to 4 DAYS of food. In an emergency, the shelves are stripped bare in hours.

Is the idea of long-term food storage too overwhelming for you? (You might want to check out this link for freeze dried food, Click Here.) It needn’t be.

Ben getting a box of peppermint tea from his basement pantry.

One place to begin is to purchase double the food items you use every week (this of course does not include perishable produce). One for now, one for later.

A second approach is to stock up on items, which are cleaned out just prior to a disaster. This takes some of the guesswork out of the food storage equation. Begin by purchasing the 37 food items on the list below. Add in your most used items that are not on this list and you are well on your way to food storage!

What items disappear from the shelves first when disaster hits? Not trying to sound like a fear monger, but do you have enough food to get through a crisis? Ask yourself if you’d be eating in a week if your food ran out today and the grocery shelves couldn’t be restocked.

So what are the “37 critical items” hocked in the ad? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. The100 Items That Disappear First in an Emergency” list is all you need. Click Here to access it.

I’ve gleaned the food items from the 100 list.

(Hey, I’ve just saved you $27!)

Here they are:

1. Vegetable oil
2. Honey
3. Sugar
4. Rice
5. Beans
6. Wheat
7. Milk (powered & condensed milk)
8. Canned tuna fish
9. Canned chicken
10. Canned fruit
11. Canned veggies
12. Canned tomatoes
13. Canned beans
14. Chicken stock/broth
15. Canned soup
16. Canned stew
17. Baking supplies
18. Peanut butter
19. Popcorn
20. Nuts
21. Soy sauce
22. Vinegar (apple cider vinegar)
23. Bouillon
24. Tea
25. Coffee
26. Salt
27. Baby food
28. Baby formula
29. Vitamins
30. Hot cocoa
31. Garlic
32. Freeze dried onions
33. Spices
34. Yeast
35. Pet food
36. Flour
37. Chewing gum & candy (I wouldn’t include this one, but it was on the list. If nothing else, in an emergency these could be used for barter.)


For a synopsis of Baby Bites: Transforming a Picky Eater into a Healthy Eater, Click Here.


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4 thoughts on “37 Food Items You Need

  1. victoria williams says:

    You will be better off without what is now called “sugar”. Sugar is now mostly made from genetically modified sugar beets. Cane sugar has to say “cane sugar”. So your sugar has been replaced without your knowing about it! The DNA of this sugar has been altered and is not the same organism. This one they can patent.
    The FDA gave all GMO food items an OK in 1992 so no testing has been required. (They do do tests and voluntarily provide them. but only 3 month trials. The French studies have show serious health issues from the 4th month onward.) Wonder if that is connected to the fact that Michael Taylor, head of FDA safety is a former Monsanto VP!!! They make a ton of money controlling the seeds and chemical that go on GMOs.

    So we’ll stick with raw honey and let the rest of Americans be the test rats to see what results. Like the tobacco companies who said smoking caused no harm.? Remember them? My Mom was slow to quit smoking and 30 years later got lung disease. It may take years to see internal damage.
    I’m not risking my families health on GMOs. Think about it!! Check it out!!

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