BPA Affects Developing Fetus

We have known for some time how horrible Bisphenol-A (BPA) is, yet it is only now that the FDA reversed its position. In 2008, the FDA said the chemical was safe for all uses. They have not gone so far as to ban the chemical, but say they are working to reduce exposure to the chemical.

BPA is a chemical used in plastic. It leaches through the plastic and has been linked to behavioral problems, cancers, diabetes, heart problems, infertility, and other health issues.

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a developing fetus and babies are most vulnerable to BPA’s toxic effects.

Kylie’s eating utensils are BPA Free.

Unfortunately, babies have the most intense BPA exposure of any group. That’s because BPA is found in baby bottles, sippy cups, food storage containers, breast pump parts, the lining of formula cans, pacifiers, toys, and teethers. It can even be found in some dental sealants.

Finally, the FDA says it’s concerned about the chemical’s effect on pregnant women, infants and children. The latest research has shown a link to brain development in children. Exposure to BPA in developing fetuses may have long-lasting effects. Moms who had higher BPA levels during pregnancy were mare likely to have children who were aggressive, anxious and hyperactive.

Heat causes the leaching effect to intensify. How many people do you know keep water bottles in the trunk of their car?

Reduce Exposure
To reduce your exposure to the chemical experts say everyone, but especially pregnant women should check plastic containers for “BPA Free” on the label.

1. Eat or cook with fresh or frozen products instead of canned foods (especially canned foods that are acidic like tomatoes and citrus products).

2. Avoid drinking bottled water. (Also avoid aluminum bottles as they leak more BPA than plastic.)

3. Don’t store foods in plastic.

4. Filter your drinking and cooking water.

5. Filter your shower and tub water.


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