No More Lunch Box Junk

Do you pack your child’s lunch…

because it’s healthier?

Surprisingly, new research found that kids who eat lunches prepared at school typically receive more fruits, vegetables and dairy compared to kids who bring lunches from home.

Parents pack lunches in order to provide healthier food, but they are using processed lunchbox options from the store.  Lunches packed at home usually contain snacks high in sugar or fat and sweetened fruit juice.

The study found lunches packed at home were significantly less likely to contain fruits (45.3% versus 75.9%), vegetables (13.2% versus 29.1%) and dairy (41.8% versus 70%).

Lunches brought from home also contained snacks that were high in sugar or fat and sweetened fruit juice or other fruit drinks.

Josh making a PB&J.

Processed Lunch Box Items Are Loaded With
Partially hydrogenated oils
Trans and saturated fats
Artificial colors and flavorings
High fructose corn syrup
Artificial sweeteners

What to Pack?
To  give your kids a healthy lunch don’t purchase prepackaged snacks like chips and cookies. Don’t send fruit juice with added sugars. Be sure to pack fresh fruit and vegetables and add dairy to their lunchboxes. Be sure to include an ice pack to keep food fresh or freeze the milk or fruit juice box. It will defrost by lunch.

Interesting Healthy Lunch Box Ideas
Apple salad
Grilled chicken
Hard boiled eggs (deviled eggs are especially yummy).
Tuna and cucumber salad over tomatoes
Cream cheese and smoked salmon
Apple slices with cheese or nut butter
Salad wrap
Pasta salad
Fruit salad
Julienne veggies and dip
Trail mix
Individual tins of tuna
Humus and veggies


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