Shrinking Food

Joshy is a little kitchen thief, eating everything in the pantry? Or maybe is was his bear.

Stealing From Your Kitchen
In order to avoid price increases food manufactures have opted to shrink the size of the product you are purchasing.

Your morning cereal, baby food, potato chips, frozen veggies, in fact most processed food packages have been downsized in the last year.

Tuna cans used to contain 6 ounces, now 5. Bags of chips hold 20 percent fewer chips than in 2009. Cereal boxes look the same, but hold on average 2.4 ounces less.

One third of households spend 20 percent of their annual income on food. You spend the same money each week at the grocers, but you’re receiving less food. This is stealing food.

Who is the thief? It’s the government.

Each time Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve prints more money it drains from the existing money. QE1, QE2 & possibly QE3 are fancy names for the government printing money.


I purchased a pound of organic flax seeds on sale a year ago for $1.50 a pound. Today, it is on sale in the same store for $1.75 a pound. It’s the same story with just about every food item I purchase.

In the last year, there has been a price spiral in food. Last month, food prices rose the most since 1974. Beef is up 15 percent. Turkey 18 percent. Eggs the same. Vegetables and coffee both rose 22 percent. The real rate of food inflation is now at 9.6 percent.

Unbelievably, most price increases have yet to be passed on to consumers. Yes, as hard as that is to believe, many food producers have yet to pass on their price increases. Food prices are going to get higher, because it takes about six months for price hikes to show up in the grocery store.

Make Your Grocery Dollar Stretch

1.     Compare all prices and purchase in bulk.

2.     Purchase less meat. Swap beans and rice or eggs for meat dishes.
Use meat as a condiment, not the feature.

3.     Avoid all expensive processed food.

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