Mommy Guilt

Toxic Food
How does a mom go from purchasing Lucky Charms to Ezekiel 4:9: Sprouted Whole Grain Cereal? Usually the transformation to whole foods comes in baby steps. Unless one of her kids is in jeopardy, then it can be an instant transformation.

It’s shocking when moms first realize the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) is counter to health. I was like most young moms, thinking I was giving my children a healthful diet. That was until my four-year-old daughter, Jenny, was found to be extremely sensitive to the chemicals in our food. Nitrates, artificial food colorings and artificial flavors added to processed foods were the worst for her.

I had no idea of the numerous additives present in our food. After taking inventory of what was in my kitchen, I realized the problem began in with my purchases. Not only Jenny, but the entire family needed to change what we were eating. I felt responsible for my daughter’s problems. I was the one grocery shopping.

Katelyn says breakfast is yummy with whole grain cereal and blueberries.

Not wanting to wait until we consumed all the processed food in my kitchen, I gave most of it away. I surmised that it would be more difficult to change only one child’s diet, after all I had four girls. So the entire family went on a whole foods adventure. We had the initial time of adjusting our taste buds. Whole wheat bread tastes different from white. Whole grain breakfast cereals are not as sweet as kids’ cereals, even if you don’t purchase Lucky Charms.

Although we made an instant transformation to whole foods, it’s been an ongoing learning adventure. I discover new things about food every day. Most of it is disturbing. Nourishing your family shouldn’t take a science degree.

My girls are now grown and I have eight grandchildren. My daughters all are dedicated to healthy eating in their homes. They often have passed along helpful information to me on my food journey. The more I learn about our food supply, the more determined I am to eat food (not chemicals) as it was designed by God. I am not alone. Other moms have gone the same route.

Robyn O’Brien, author of Unhealthy Truth: How our food is making us sick and what we can do about it, made the transformation to whole foods when her youngest child was found to be extremely allergic to eggs. Thinking she would eliminate eggs from only one child’s diet, changed over time to examining what her entire family was regularly consuming.

O’Brien, like many of us, came to realize all her children were suffering because of the food they were eating. We can experience “mommy guilt” when we first come to that understanding. After all, it’s usually mommy who purchases the food the kids eat.

Mommy guilt doesn’t help at all.

Believing Lies
We all believed the FDA, who affirms that additives and GMOs are safe. Food advertisers convince us processed foods are really healthful. Fast and junky food is pushed on kids’ programming. Once we begin to know the truth about our toxic food supply, our shopping changes.

You can’t have a do-over for yesterday, but you are in control of what you eat today. God has given everyone a self-healing body. When we give our bodies nourishing food that was created for us, then healing happens! Not everyone will throw out previously purchased food, but you can begin to make wise choices the next time you are grocery shopping.

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