Milk Hype

Is Milk the PMS Solution?
Milk helps reduce symptoms of PMS is the recent claim of milk providers. This is very typical of MOST advertising. They take some obscure nutritional data and make a federal case out of it.

The entire milk reduces PMS advertising campaign was based on a study found in the Archives of Internal Medicine, which stated, “A high intake of calcium and vitamin D may reduce the risk of PMS.”

Because of consumer backlash, the California Milk Processors Board ended their short-lived promotion after only 10 days. They did not admit the advertising campaign was a failure, but this apology was found on “Over the past couple of weeks, regrettably, some people found our campaign about milk and PMS to be outrageous and misguided – and we apologize to those we offended.”
Nicole loves milk.

Andrew, my son-in-law, summed it up pretty well: “Well, the milk campaign was based on a study that suggested calcium and vitamin D may reduce symptoms of PMS. Milk is loaded with calcium and vitamin D…Reminds me of the hilarious episode of Everyone Loves Raymond where Raymond got his wife a bottle of vitamins that were supposed to reduce PMS. She started reading the bottle, and said ‘it doesn’t say it stops bitchy Ray!’”

Nothing New
There was nothing new with the Milk Processors Board ridiculous claims. General Mills uses “whole grain” in all of their cereal and make claims of “heart healthy”. Cheerios claims they lower your cholesterol. One study showed mice taking the human equivalent of a semi load of Acai berry daily can actually reduce aging. So, an Acai berry craze ensues where makers will put some tiny amount of Acai and make overstated claims. Also, breads which say “whole grain” may contain very little whole grain. You have to look for “100 percent whole grain” on the nutrition label to know that you are getting a whole grain.

Super Food?
Do I eat whole grain bread, acai berries, oatmeal, etc.? Yes, I eat all of them, as whole foods, not processed with added artificial vitamins. NO single food is THE super food. One food will not fix your health concerns. Don’t be fooled by all the advertising hype. All whole foods are beneficial and many times work in synergy with each other for your health. Dr. Oz calsl it “food duos” when you eat two foods which fight disease paired together. Such as Chicken of Brocoli, Salsa and Avocado. These foods when paired together amplify their nutritional values.

Food producers want you to think that the artificial vitamins added to their food will make you healthy. It’s not about how many artificial ingredients which are placed in a box of food, but what whole foods are your children eating.

Milk is a healthful food, when it is consumed whole and gasp, raw: unpasteurized. (Click Here for why whole milk is healthier than low-fat.) Organically-raised, grass-fed cows produce milk which contains hundreds of healthy, “good” bacteria, including lactobacillus and acidophilus. (Click Here for info on raw milk.) (For the latest on what chemicals end up in conventional milk, Click Here.)

For healthy children, they need to eat a wide variety of whole foods, including vegetables. If your child refuses to eat veggies, see the links below for information on my book, Baby Bites: Transforming a Picky Eater into a Healthy Eater.

For a synopsis of Baby Bites: Transforming a Picky Eater into a Healthy Eater, Click Here.

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