Coming Food Crisis

We are in the front end of a developing economic crisis in the US. Yes, I know government pundits keep insisting the “worse is over.” We hope they are right, but in our hearts we know it’s just not so.

The official unemployment stat remains at a steady 9 percent. (It’s really closer to 17 percent.) Global food prices have hit dangerous levels, because weather around the world is adversely affecting crops. The US corn supply is at a low. Cows are fed corn, so corn impacts the cost of beef.

Inflation Deception
I know many believe when QE2 ends at the end of June, the government won’t print more money. I’m not convinced. I think will there be QE3! That means additional inflation for sure.

Inflation has already crept into your grocery, utility and gas bills. At the same time the dollar is diminishing in value. This double economic whammy is going to knock many for a loop…unless you’re prepared.
Katelyn is taking inventory of the dry goods in the pantry.

You remember Aesop’s fable The Ant and the Grasshopper. The grasshopper entertained himself singing and dancing away the warm summer months. The industrious ant worked hard and prepared for winter. The grasshopper would laugh at the busy ant, but the grasshopper didn’t feel like laughing when he was cold and hungry. He was eventually left out in the elements, while the ant was cozy and well-fed.

It’s Time
The official US inflation rate for May 2011 is 3.5 percent. In reality, inflation is more than double that. Since the Carter administration, the US government no longer calculates food and energy in their CPI (Consumer Price Index). This makes no sense, after all, food and energy costs are vital for families and deeply affect our monthly budgets.

Today is just the first day of summer. You still have time to prepare. Those who see what’s coming and do something about it, won’t be sorry like the grasshopper. Sure, food is up nearly 10 percent from last year, but next year food is sure to be much higher.

Start with the Basics
Take an inventory of the food you eat in one week, one month. Can’t do everything at once? With each paycheck purchase at least one bulk item. What would you eat if the food you regularly purchase isn’t available or too costly? You don’t need boxes of sugary instant oatmeal or kids’ cereal. One 25-pound bag of regular rolled oats will go a long way. Oatmeal stores for years! Oatmeal isn’t only for breakfast; it makes yummy oatmeal muffins and granola. Don’t need cans of soup, beans and chili either. Lentils, rice, barely and beans are the basic ingredients for economic healthy stews and soups.

If you’re not used to purchasing in bulk or cooking from scratch, start now. You’ll be amazed at how much money you’ll save. Begin with the recipes on this site in the recipe section. Check out Stretch Grocery $$$ and Emergency Preparations found on the lower right side of this page. Once you purchase basic food items in bulk, you’ll find out how long that 25-pound bag of rice or oatmeal will really last for your family. You’ll discover what food items you need to have on hand, before you’re in the middle of a food crisis.

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