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Farmers’ Markets ‘Round the World Make for Great Bargains

Supermarkets are the preferred venue for everyday shopping, although big grocery stores are sterile. Boxes, bags and bottles of processed food abound. The fresh food is found on the parameters of the store. Everything else is processed.

This is the time of year that farmers’ markets begin to show up in parking lots across America. Open-air markets or farmers’ markets are much more intimate and lively. Veggies are fresh and accessible. You can touch and smell the produce as it’s within reach. Plastic wrap and Styrofoam are no where to be found. The atmosphere is causal and usually cheerful, albeit noisy.

When you factor in that approximately 80 percent of every food dollar you spend pays for advertising, trucking, processing, packaging, and marketing, farmers’ markets are a bargain.

A spice vendor at work in the Tel Aviv Carmel Market.

Purchasing locally grown food supports local farmers and keeps the revenue in your community. This eliminates several steps between the farm and your plate. As the price of gas continues it’s upward climb, local produce will become even a greater bargain.

At the Carmel Market is where you’ll find different kinds of bread and pastry to delicious olives, vegetables and fruits, dried fruits and exotic spices. The environment is friendly and the hustle and bustle is invigorating. Absorbing the sights, smells and sounds is all fun. It’s an experience that I’ll never forget.

The produce at the Carmel Market is beautiful.

If you don’t usually shop at your local farmers’ market, make it a point to do so this year. While you are there, engage the vendors in conversation. Find out where the produce was grown. Ask if the food is organic or pesticide-free. How far was the produce shipped…across town or trucked several states.

Click Here to see more photos of my trip.

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