Baby Steps to Heatlh

Part 2

One Baby Step after Another

What if you could look in the mirror and see a vibrant, happy, fit woman looking back at you? What if didn’t cost a fortune and didn’t require a dozen maids? Sound too good to be true?  Well it isn’t.

At age 50 I was a frumpy, old, tired doctor who had spent years taking care of patients and family and was just worn out and broke.  I knew about a clean diet and I knew volumes about health and nutrition, but I was clearly not the picture of health!

When I had my body composition done at 50, I discovered I was over 40 percent body fat, less than 20 percent muscle mass and had the internals of a 90-year old.  Those numbers were a wake-up call!  I knew that something had to change besides a legalistic diet and a lot of supplements.  I needed to learn to take care of me and create life!

Tristan takes time for himself.

One of the first places I began was to create time to exercise. My first foray into that foreign realm was on our recumbent bike.  Thirty seconds (seconds, not minutes) later I was in bed in tears and overwhelmed.  From that simple beginning, I was diligent to do something every day.

Today, seven years later, I do work with a trainer (I’ve changed my financial picture which is another story) and have created major changes. Just this week I did 60 push-ups and 35 triceps dips!  Just a year ago, my body didn’t know it had triceps!

I’ve changed my diet to add much more protein (to fuel those muscles), eliminated sugar and simple/ processed carbs and increased my water consumption.  I’ve found a delicious protein shake that tastes really good that is allowing the protein intake to be easy and fun.  As a result, the muscle is packing on and the fat is melting off.

Seven years later, I’m 40 pounds lighter, 3 jean sizes smaller (size 14 to a comfortable 8) and I look years younger. Friends enjoy my presence as I’m no longer a walking dictionary, I’m a fun person who easily smiles and laughs.  Learning how to take care of me has taught me how to enjoy life.  I never knew those two were connected!

Life can become enjoyable and full of good things.  The person to change is you –  your circumstances and relationships simply reflect you.  Stop the complaining and fussing.  Decide you want something different and find someone to help you create that change.  I am the perfect example that change can happen at any age and lead to a life that is richly rewarding.

A big nonna hug to Dr. Cheryl Townsley for guest blogging:

Dr. Cheryl Townsley is a nationally recognized media personality, author and speaker.   She has authored 15 books on health and wellness and appeared on thousands of television and radio shows. For 15 years, Dr. Cheryl and her husband Forest ran a million dollar a year wellness clinic with over 20,000 clients from around the world.

At the age of 50, Dr. Cheryl recognized the professional stress was too expensive to her own health, her family, and their lifestyle.  She and her husband closed the clinic to pursue learning how to let life be easy and  balanced while still creating health. Today they are able to empower more people through coaching and mentoring while also enjoying their lives with ease and balance.
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