Goodbye Processed Foods

Power of Advertising
Processed foods are broken down, rebuilt reconstituted foods. They may be missing up to 80 percent of the vitamins and minerals once found in the food.

Manufacturers have to “enrich” these foods, adding back a few of the hundreds of nutrients, which were removed.

Ninety percent of the food found in the grocery store is processed. We have come to believe the marketing: processed foods are cheaper and faster than whole foods. This is false. Whole foods contain the nutritional ammunition to prevent and reverse illness.

You may have noticed a few sponsors on my home page. What you might not realize is that I only accept sponsors I strongly believe will enhance your health. I’ve turned down numerous products, which I don’t believe are the most healthful choice.

This watermelon drink was a snap to make with a super-powered blender.

Power Blender
A new Vitamix link went up today. (You can see Vitamix specials by clicking on the red dot found on the right side of this page.) I purchased a Vitamix several years ago after much consideration. I already had a very good $80 blender and had a hard time justifying spending more on another blender.

I saw the Vitamix demonstration and thought it might be a beneficial kitchen appliance. After all who doesn’t want to save time in the kitchen? It took me several months, but I finally decided to bite the bullet and purchased the machine.

A Vitamix has a super-powered, commercial grade motor. It’s a blender on steroids. I told myself before I made the investment, “I would make it a point to use it every day.” Otherwise, I’d be throwing money down the drain. (Silly me, I found out later they have a 30-day money-back guarantee!)

Well, that vow turned out to be easy to keep. Not only do I use my Vitamix every day, but I use it multiple times a day.

I eventually gave away four appliances which the Vitamix replaced: ice cream maker, juicer, food processor and, of course, my old blender. Not only I no longer need to store these appliances, which were taking up vital kitchen space, but the Vitamix does a better job than all of them.

Power of Whole Foods
I use the Vitamix for just about every meal. We start the day with a veggie drink. I usually make a mid-day fruit smoothie. I can make my own nut-butters and nut milks. Homemade dips, sauces and salad dressings are quick to make and are additive-FREE.

The first appliance to go was my juicer (after the obvious $80 blender). Cleaning a juicer is a major chore. It was so much work to clean, that I stopped using it. The fiber was wasted. I don’t like throwing away food. Because of the Vitamix’s power, all of the fiber of whole food is utilized. Nothing is thrown away or needs to be “saved” as with a juicer for use in a future soup or stew. In fact, the Vitamix breaks down the cell wall so thoroughly it releases the nutrition trapped inside the produce. You get more nutrition, more flavor and more fiber. I happily gave mine away, because it was no longer needed.

The second appliance I kicked out the door was my food processor. The time to make soup is also cut to a fraction of the time. No peeling, no seeding is required for the powerful blades to create a yummy soup. The friction of the blades will even heat the soup. The Vitamix blades do all the work of a food processor. A head of cabbage is chopped in seconds!

I no longer needed to store my bulky ice cream maker, because the Vitamix makes a soft-serve ice cream with frozen fruit in less than two minutes. Yes, almost instantly, a yummy cool frozen treat is ready. (My grandkids love this feature!)

I also purchased the dry blade for grinding grains. I now grind fresh flour in minutes! Wheat loses its nutrients in a matter of a couple of hours after being ground. When the flour is fresh, the nutrients are intact. Pancakes, muffins and cookies are not only more nutritious, but tastier. It also has a kneading feature for bread, but I still prefer to knead by hand.

Power to Kiss Goodbye Processed Foods
I can’t imagine not having this kitchen appliance. (I’m sorry if this sounds like a commercial.) The number one reason people use processed foods is time. It takes time to cook whole foods. A power blender will  give you the power (time) to say “goodbye” to processed foods.

It’s been almost three years, since I got my Vitamix and I love it every bit as much today as the first day. I REALLY believe the Vitamix to be a superior product. (Did I mention their 7-year guarantee?) I REALLY use my Vitamix EVERY day. That is why I put the new link on my home page. Click on the red dot, then check the site out for special deals and free shipping. (For free shipping, look for the promotion code in the shopping cart. Then enter the number to receive the discount.)

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