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Can You Buy Anything Nutritious for a Dollar?
Money spent on junk food is money thrown away. The best “bargains” at the grocers aren’t usually best for your health.

Stores regularly offer cheap, processed fake foods in their weekly specials. A can of processed Spaghetti Os or a bag of cookies or a bag of chips is wasted money, because the food is nutritionless.

You’re better off spending that dollar on a pound of string beans or zucchini, or putting it toward a pound of nuts, than you are throwing it away on processed junk food.  You can still find many affordable, nutritious foods if you are looking for them.

If you want to save money, also steer clear of those precut, ready-to-use fruits and veggies, as they can cost twice as much as the uncut and unprepared versions.

Katelyn isn’t sure.

Of coarse, you’ll save more when food is purchased in bulk. It may be hard to believe, but there are still some bargains to be found for about a dollar. Today, I took the time to look for nutritious foods priced about a dollar.

You Can Still Get a Bang for Your Buck
Nutrition-packed food for about one dollar can be found! I looked around Natural Grocers near me (March 10). Some of these items were on sale. In addition, Natural Grocers bundles produce for quick sale in dollar bags. You must use this produce the day of purchase, as it will not store for any length of time.

This Is What A Dollar Will Buy Today:

1 Mango on sale at $1 — this is a bargain.

2 Bananas at 79 cents a pound.

3 Organic Eggs ($3.25 a dozen)

1 pound of Organic Brown Rice

¾ pound loose Organic Celery

1 pound loose Organic Carrots

1 pound of Organic Popping Corn ($1.20 a pound)

2 Fruit Leathers at 49 cents each

1 Individual Fruit Juice at 79 cents

1 Pound of Organic Lentils at $1.50 pound

1 String Cheese Single at 65 cents

1 Fruit Flavored Water at $1.19

1 Individual Fruited Yogurt at 65 cents

1/2 Pound Peanuts at $1.92 a pound

2 Individual Fruit Juices (no sugar added) 53 cents each when 5 are purchased

1 pound Organic Oats

1 Cliff Nutrition Bar

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