Want Flies With That?

Fly Yes, I wanted flies with my Happy Meal, but not one showed up. Every mom wants her kids to have friends. Even after two years, not one insect will have anything to do with my little guy.

I wish I had seen a fly or two buzzing around my Happy Meal. At least that would be a sign that this was real food. No, not one fly, not one insect ever decided to befriend my Happy Meal. He’s has been pretty lonesome, up there on my shelf.

No one wants to see her prodigy ostracized. My Happy Meal is 2-years-old today. The twos are certain to be terrible for my Happy Meal with no little friends.
My Happy Meal on it’s second birthday 3.3.11

No play dates! He’s sure to drive me crazy looking for a companion. Don’t cry little Happy Meal, Mommy loves you. Of course, everyone needs to get out. From time to time I take him to a moms meeting for show-n-tell. There’s nothing like the real thing to make a point and it’s as perky as the day I brought it home.

My Happy Meal wasn’t an “experiment,” like some claim, but an observation. I had no idea I was taking on a lifelong obligation!

Yes, I know all about natural food dehydration and the bun ingredient list is mostly chemicals. The meat, bun and fries are all loaded with salt. Sodium has been used as a preservative for thousands of years. Add to all that, trans fat forms when food is fried at a high temperature. Trans fat is never utilized in the body and has a half-life of 51 days. Talk about a combo!

But, come on, take a close look at the pictures. After 2 years, this food looks good enough to eat. You’ve got to admit there’s something just plain wrong about that.

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First birthday 3.3.10

My Happy Meal looks pretty much like it did the day I purchased it. If you didn’t know better, you’d think the food was plasticized, just like display food in a restaurant.

In fact, McDonalds claimed I “tampered with or held frozen” my Happy Meal.

Sorry, McDs, the Happy Meal looks this way all on it’s own. Talk about the fountain of youth. I didn’t tamper with it (as if I even would know how to tamper with food to prevent it from decaying).

It’s party time! Where are the flies?

Don’t you want to come out and play with my Happy Meal?

Please, please (I’m hoping) at least one teeny fly will show up for my Happy Meal’s birthday party!

My Happy Meal the day I purchased it on 3.3.09

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4 thoughts on “Want Flies With That?

  1. Susan says:

    Roxanne…the bread DIDN’T mold, “you moron”. You’re right…It’s Your Choice–Keep on eating it. But it’s MY choice to be well-informed by people like Joann and to CHOOSE NOT to eat this hideous excuse of a “meal.” The mere fact the “hamburger” has been “washed” with ammonia to “sanitize” the meat is enough to make me run the other way, not to mention this great little experiment’s results. Thank you, Joann!

  2. Mom-woman says:

    Roxanne, first of all Joann isn’t a moron-she is actually quite smart and informed. Why are you on this website if you like fast food? A little guilt perhaps? Look up Happy Meals on utube or documentaries on Mc Donald’s…it isn’t real food.

  3. Roxanne says:

    The bread would have molded, you moron. I’ve left McDonald’s food out and the flies always came around. You just don’t like fast food but it’s OUR choice on what to feed and not to feed our own children.

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