Favorite 2010 Baby Bites Blogs

Although the Happy Birthday to My Happy Meal blog (as well as several related blogs…see 2010 a Viral-Good Year) overshadowed all my postings, there were some standouts in 2010. These blogs saw a lot of traffic and proved to be some of your favorites. They are listed in order of day published. Click on the title to see each blog.

What to Eat When You Eat Out
Sounds odd, doesn’t it? Most of the food you purchase out isn’t real. Ever wonder about those eggs in a hotel or chain breakfast eatery? Chefs don’t crack open eggs; they pour a highly processed egg mixture from a box. Creamy soups are made with trans fat, not milk. The “special” sauce on your hamburger is a concoction of trans fat, sugar and chemicals.

Tino jokes around in the kitchen.

Avoid the Dirty Dozen
What’s the big deal about organic food? What makes organic worth the price? What does organic produce mean, anyway? Start purchasing organics, by avoiding the dirty dozen.

USDA Organics…from China?
When I purchase Spanish olives, I’m not surprised they’re from Spain. I’m not surprised when coffee is from Columbia, either. With the country of origin now mentioned on labels, I’ve often wondered about organic products from Mexico. That is until my friend, Charcie, sent me (and her email list) a link concerning organic food from China. China? I hadn’t noticed the China origin stamp on some organic foods. Now I’m REALLY concerned.

GMOs Dangerous for Kids
Swapping genes between organisms can produce toxic effects and allergies, especially in children. In kids’ fast-growing bodies more of the food they eat is used to build organs and tissues. GM safety tests ignore the effects on children.

Cooking Lessons the Hard Way
I’ve often said that I write for my own amusement. I probably had the most fun writing this one. Cooking is equal parts science and art. If you get either wrong, the dish may be ruined or you may create a masterpiece. It’s a toss up. You never know the result. I then listed my cooking misshapes (a nice way to say failures).

Red & Green Season
I posted Ho, Ho, Ho, It’s Red & Green Season on Dec. 7. It generated a lot of interest right away. You may want to think twice before purchasing that bright red Santa or green Christmas tree cookie. Yikes, experts are now saying that Yellow 5, Red 40 and Blue 1 really cause kids to bounce off the walls! Say what?

Kids’ Photos
Parents often send me photos of their children. You’ll usually find a photo of a child with each blog that I post. I’m always looking for expressive kids, especially when they are in the kitchen or garden. Would you like to see a picture of your child featured with one of my blogs? It’s easy, just email the photo and your child’s first name to me at info@babybites.info. Remember, although I use photos of expressive kids, I’m more likely to use a photo if it involves food.

Click on the following links to see a few of the photos used in 2010:

Carrot the Super Root

Trans Fat: Good News/Bad News

Do You Support a Sin Tax on Junk Foods?

We Believe This is a Veggie

May 2011 Be Happy And Healthy.

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