Food Bill S.510 Surprise

It’s Unconstitutional
What’s that? A Senate snafu has killed the food control bill, known as The Food Safety Modernization Act. In the last days of a lame duck session with a whopping vote of 73 to 25, S.510 flew through the process on Nov. 30. Both Republicans and Democrats supported it.

Of all the possible objections, it seems S.510 had a provision for the FDA to impose fees on companies. This is a no-no, as these terms violate the, um, Constitution.

That pesky Constitution gets in the way sometimes. There is a Constitutional provision that says, “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives…”

Of all things, Britney didn’t expect to hear that!

So, the House is obliged to give this food safety legislation the “blue slip.” That’s like getting a “pink slip” at work (discharge notice or termination of employment). It means that the Bill is rejected and sent back.

There’s Controversy Over S.510?
The Bill had huge support and the mainstream media ignored the voices of opposition, so most are unaware of the controversy surrounding the Food Bill. The Bill was presented to the public as a good thing…”improving public safety.” After all, it’s called “The Food SAFETY Modernization Act.”

S.510, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, was created to put new regulations on the food industry with the well-publicized intent to prevent food-borne illnesses. The bill was hyped to the public to “improve food safety.” After all, we are painfully aware of the recent outbreaks of E. coli and Salmonella due to filthy conditions on mega farms. Read more about it: Click Here.

Ultimately S.510 isn’t exclusively about food safety, it gives a lot more power to large food produces, at the expense of the small farmer. It increases the bureaucracy on ALL food produced. It also opens the door for government to control home gardens and small organic farms, as well as putting locally grown produce under government’s control.

The controversial Bill will make it illegal to grow, share or trade homegrown food. It also forces small farmers and food processors into burdensome and excessive requirements. It gives large corporations such as Monsanto control over U.S. seed and puts U.S. food and farms under the Department of Homeland Security.

There are two possible outcomes presented because of this surprise calamity. The bill could be put on hold until the next session of Congress or the House of Representatives passes a new version of the bill. Big Brother won’t give up on this one easily. Either way, I believe this Bill will be back.

This Year, May Your Holidays Be Happy And Healthy.

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