Cruise Passengers Fed Pop-Tarts

Nearly 3,000 passengers were expecting a fun-filled week-long vacation. Cruise ships are a wonderful place to relax without the worries of where to go and what to eat. Cruises are known for serving gourmet food and all that’s needed is to show up at mealtime.

The last thing you’d expect to be on a cruise is…hungry. A cruise is a stress-free way to enjoy an ocean voyage and to experience beautiful beaches.  That is until this week when a Carnival Cruise ship engine fire caused it to become disabled off the California peninsula. The fire knocked out several systems. The ship was on the first day of a seven-day cruise to the Mexican Riviera. By the time they were 200 miles south of San Diego an engine fire not only disabled the ship, but made it impossible to feed 4,500 passengers and crew.

The ship’s auxiliary power allowed for toilets (Nov. 12 update: The first report that the toilets were working was incorrect. It’s reported the smell from the toilets and rotting food was horrible. As people debarked they complained about the smell, the awful food and the inability to wash.)

Zach runs along a California beach.

How do you feed 4,500 stranded people without electricity? S-l-o-w-l-y. The passengers were given cold food. Planes from North Island Naval Air Station at Coronado took food and other items to the carrier, transferring the supplies to the cruise ship by helicopter. Passengers waited hours in line to receive the meals airlifted by the U.S. Navy.

Seventy thousand pounds of food were dropped from helicopters: including crab meat, croissants, Pop-tarts and Spam. The food fare is pretty funny, don’t you think? Compared to the expected smorgasbord of tasty delicacies, I’m sure it was a disappointment.

I guess if you’re starving, you’ll eat just about anything. Although, some might be hard-pressed to eat the provided food especially if you’re kosher. (Spam and crab meat are foods you wouldn’t eat if you’re kosher.) Couldn’t they come up with something a little more nutritious than croissants? And what’s with the Pop-tarts? You’d be in trouble with Pop-tarts (and even croissants) if you’re diabetic.

It’s really hard for me to believe Spam, crab meat and Pop-tarts were among the food brought to the ship by the U.S.  Navy. I certainly hope there was healthier food, like fruit and veggies, transferred to the disabled ship as well. The only thing worse than a ruined holiday would be to come home sick. Thank goodness the ship is being towed and expected to arrive in San Diego today.

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One thought on “Cruise Passengers Fed Pop-Tarts

  1. Bonnie Mattick says:

    I found your blog post interesting and entertaining, asking the questions I had also about the cruise ship’s preparation. It will change the way I travel when I go on a cruise the next time. I always travel with some healthy bars or nut packs, with dried fruit, etc. I’ll remember to take them on my next cruise too!

    How’s the Happy Meal doing – celebrate another birthday yet?

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