Your Snack IQ

Katy (pictured) is not always getting healthy snacks after a game.

Which kind of “snack” is your child eating? Even if you offer healthy snacks at home, most likely your kids are getting junk foods at school, after sports, in Sunday school and at your neighbor’s home.

We live in a fast food culture. Snacking is no longer the exception, but the rule. Unfortunately, snacking for most isn’t eating a handful of nuts, or eating a piece of fruit or cheese, which would actually provide some nutrients. How many snacks do your kids get a day? What are they eating?

Do You Know Your Snack IQ?

1. How many people drink Coca-Cola for breakfast?

2. What’s the number of teaspoons of sugar in 6 ounces of low-fat, fruited yogurt?

3. Annually, How many pounds of candy does each person eat?

4. How many pounds of sugar is consumed per person in a year?

5. What percentage of milk do kids drink compared to soda pop?

6. What percentage of the U.S. potato crop ends up French fried?

7. What’s the percentage of sugar in catchup?

8. What is number of chemicals added to our food supply?

9. What percentage of calories do kids get from their snacks?

10. What percentage of food dollars is spent on processed foods?


1. Almost a million people drink pop at breakfast

2. Sugar in fruited yogurt–6½ teaspoons

3. Sugar consumed annually–150 (2½ lbs per week)

5. Milk to soda pop ratio–50%

6. Potato crop fried–22%

7. Sugar in catchup–33%

8. Over 3,000 chemicals in food

9. Calories from Snacks–25%

10. Processed foods—90%

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