Do You Want Statins With That?

I thought I’ve heard just about everything…

But this TOPS them all!

A team of British doctors suggested that fast-food chains offer free “sides” of statins. It is believed statins would help people eating burgers and milkshakes minimize the risk of heart attacks and strokes from consuming those foods. A generic form of statins can be purchased over the counter in Great Britain, but not in the U.S.

How in heaven’s name did we get here? Before you laugh too hard, American’s are in the same boat as the Brits. We’d rather take cholesterol-lowering drugs instead of changing our diets. We’d rather give our kids Ritalin or other stimulant drugs, than remove the artificial ingredients from their food. We’d rather take diabetic meds, than eliminate the sugar from the food we eat.

Katy & Madison are playing doctor. Should fast food restaurants play doctor, too?

A small voice of reason in the debate: Some health authorities believe that offering statins at quick serve restaurants might send the wrong message. Do ya think?

Dr. Franz Messerli, director of the hypertension program at two New York hospitals, St. Luke’s and Roosevelt, told Reuters Health that “providing complimentary statins to customers might imbue them with a false sense of security.”

“False sense of security” and “wrong message”? Is that the only thing that comes to mind? How about NOT eating fast foods? I guess self-control is no longer in vogue. What about the side effects from statins? Isn’t anyone concerned about that? Muscle pains and weakness are common complaints from people taking statins. Kidney failure and memory loss are other possibilities.

Why are we so opposed to eating whole foods? Do people really think eating healthy means tasteless? Are we so brain-washed that we can’t think for ourselves any longer? Good grief, we really are on the Lemming Diet. (Click Here for more on the Lemming Diet.) I’m still shaking my head in disbelief at this latest recommendation.

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