The Lemming Diet

American Diet Lacking, Despite Age

Americans across the board do NOT meet the USDA recommendations outlined in the Food Pyramid. While the merits of the Food Pyramid can be debated, a recent study found the majority of the U.S. population over-consume solid fats (translate to altered fats), sugars and alcoholic beverages.

The study was published in the Journal of Nutrition. Data was obtained from 16,338 persons, aged 2 years and older. Quantities of foods reported on 24-hour recalls were translated into amounts of various food groups using the MyPyramid Equivalents Database.

Usual dietary intake distributions were modeled, accounting for sequence effect, weekend/ weekday effect, sex, age, poverty income ratio, and race/ethnicity.

The Lemming Diet?
Charlie’s not sure he likes that idea.

Surprisingly, age did not seem to be a factor. Eighty percent of those over age 71 and 90 percent of other age groups ate empty calories (junk foods) that exceeded calorie allowance. Okay, I’m not into counting calories…for anyone. BUT the research findings tell us what kinds of foods Americans are eating. We’re not eating whole foods. Is it any wonder we are so sick?

I am especially saddened for our children. What hope is there for them to live a long healthy life, when their parents and grandparents are like lemmings. Yes, lemmings (small rodents). Lemmings migrate when their numbers increase to a point they can no longer survive at their present location. Many perish, because they’re not thinking for themselves. They’re following the mass frantic and single-minded migration across long distances in search of greener pastures. They’re often so focused on moving forward in a frenzied rate, that they can plunge straight off of embankments.

We are like lemmings. Following the culture, even defending and promoting our unhealthy diets, to our ultimate death. If you doubt it, read some of the comments defending fast foods on my “Happy Birthday to My Happy Meal” blog.

Your family can be healthy. The choice is yours. Or you can be a lemming, following the American food culture to your death.

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