Healthy Eating Is Fun!

The Forest Feast Encourages Healthy Eating

Lifestyles and behaviors are established in early childhood. This is especially true for eating habits and food preferences. Unfortunately, many foods that children consume are lacking in essential nutrients.

Our national taste buds have become accustomed to junk foods, loaded with added sugars, artificial ingredients, and synthetic flavors. This has made it much more difficult for kids to enjoy the unique tastes and textures of whole foods, especially veggies. Parents, caregivers, and teachers can promote healthy nutrition in children by limiting processed foods. But that alone isn’t enough. Children need to be taught how to appreciate nutritious foods.

The children’s storybook, The Forest Feast: Baby Bites® Mealtime Adventures, is designed to help develop healthy eating habits. The Forest Feast integrates fun with whole foods. Best friends, Betty Baby Bites®, a tiny Italian mouse, and Try Rannosaurus®, a gigantic T-Rex, eat their way through a prehistoric forest.

Try, a growing dinosaur, has only one thing on his mind—FOOD. In fact, he’s eager to try any new food (that’s why he’s named Try), but his favorite is the green variety (after all he’s green). Try’s searching for a special veggie to bring to the weekly feast. At day’s end, everyone is surprised by his contribution.

Betty Baby Bites® is Try’s best buddy and she’s the brains behind the dinosaur. She’s a foodie, loving the culinary arts. Betty can often be found supervising meals and interjecting her favorite Italian words of support, fantastico (wonderful) and bravo (well done).

The Forest Feast is divided into three whimsical adventures. Each escapade ends with the recipe Try and Betty devour. When a child helps to prepare the same meal that Try and Betty eat, they begin to appreciate Try’s conviction, “Green food is yummy!”

“Green food is yummy!”
Aidan likes to pretend he’s Try Rannosaurus.

The Forest Feast stands alone as a charming tale for children. Although, it’s intended as a companion for the parenting book, Baby Bites®: Transforming a Picky Eater into a Healthy Eater. The reading and visual input aspects of multi-sensory learning are engaged when The Forest Feast is read to children. Betty Baby Bites® and Try Rannosaurus’® antics are sure to win over even the most vegetable-resistant child.

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