Eat Healthy While On Vacation

The care and feeding of kids is a little more challenging when traveling. Whether you journey 50 or 1,000 miles with children, being prepared is key to a happy vacation.  A hyped-up child in the backseat is sure vacation spoiler…you’ll avoid sugar overloads when you plan ahead. Not only will junior be clam and content, but you are more likely to enjoy the journey.

Nutrition Begins at Home
Pack healthy snacks. Individually wrapped items are easy to access in the car or take on a site-seeing trip (applesauce, yogurt, crackers, etc.). Other items you’ll want to purchase and pack are boxed juices, fruit leathers, nuts, energy bars, peanut butter and bread, hard boiled eggs, and pre-wash fruit before you leave. If you’re flying have gum on hand for the take-off and landing.

Ally, Allysia & Kaylee go on a nature walk.

Think healthy, even for snacking: carrot and celery sticks, apple chips, veggie chips, dried fruit, granola, rice crackers, seeds and nuts. Leave the soda. Bring lots of bottled water and individual 100 percent fruit juice drink boxes.

Indispensable Items
Your trip will be worry free when you remember to pack a few helpful items: Ziplock bags, probiotics for upset tummies, lots of hand wipes, plastic-ware, cups, napkins and paper towels.

Restock Along the Way
Stop at a grocery store at the first opportunity. It’s a bonus if you can find a whole foods store. Then replenish the perishables you already consumed. Purchase items for lunch, then find the nearest park. (You packed a Frisbee or ball, right?) Let the kids run around and release their energy.

Make It Yourself
At your destination, opt for a condo, vacation home, hotel or motel unit with a functional kitchen. Not only will you ultimately save money, but you’ll eat healthier.


One thought on “Eat Healthy While On Vacation

  1. Rhonda Bolich-Lampo says:

    Amen! Staying healthy while on vacation is very important. Who wants to go on vacation and come home sick? I don’t. Health is a 24/7/365 priority. YOU are a priority so eat healthy, don’t over do it, and take your supplements.

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