Land of Denial

We’re Not In Kansas Any More
After Happy Birthday to My Happy Meal blog went viral, visits to my site went through the roof. There were over 110,000 visits to Happy Birthday to My Happy Meal blog alone.

Most were new to the Baby Bites site and left their comments on that blog as well as related blogs: Joann Bruso an Urban Legend, Nonna’s Happy Meal Bog and Freaky Fried Food.

Reading their comments reveals personal bias about food. If anything can be gleaned from their remarks it’s that many are living in the Land of Denial.

Angel wants to be a princess
in the Land of Denial.

Not Science
There were some who could not get past the lack of “science” in my Happy Meal observations. They railed about “junk science” and continued to call it an “experiment” which it clearly was not. Some called it a “worthless test.” They said it was full of  “BS” and “ignorant.” One was so angered; he made fun of my name. I wondered if some read my blog at all, giving a knee-jerk reaction explaining food dehydration. Never mind the year-old hamburger and fries look like plasticized food samples in a restaurant.

Go Girl
There were those who were impressed and applauded my lighthearted look at junk foods. Their comments supported my efforts to bring attention to the dangers of fast food. They totally got my point.

Mogan left this comment, “Look, the whole spirit of the experiment was simply to open eyes to the horrendous lack of nutrition that is in our fast food. I don’t care about whether it rots or dries, there are preservatives in fast food, there is no denying that. Anyone who chooses to believe that fast food is anything short of “edible crap” is fooling themselves, which is fine. You’re totally allowed to believe whatever you want. And anyone who is upset because this is junk science is getting worked up over nothing…It’s just a fun (albeit disgusting) little anecdote. Nothing more.”

Land of Denial
What’s astonishing to me is the number of people living in the Land of Denial. I was amazed the number of people who actually defended junk food. Then I realized it’s because they may be addicted themselves and the thought of going without is too much to bear. Some have confused love with sugar. Advertisers’ message, junk food equals fun, eventually influences our thinking. Then there are others who believe they don’t have time to cook real food and are defensive. Ultimately, parents are unaware of the amount of chemicals they and their children ingest on a daily basis.

At first I thought Alexis was kidding, because her comments were so over the top. After reading it a second time, I realized Alexis was really appalled by my Happy Birthday to My Happy Meal blog. She said, “I’m throwing the BS flag on this experiment, and I’m going to continue to have my once a week double cheeseburger (I keep it to at no more than every other week for my kids). …This article is just part of the scheme to villanize junk food which obviously is having no impact on America’s obesity crisis. What people need to do is to teach their children to eat reasonable portions and treat junk food like the treat it is. I guarantee, denying them McDonalds as a kid will mean that is all they will want when they have their own money and ability to make decisions.”
or they could become health food nuts or (gasp) even vegetarians!

To my surprise, Gina agreed with Alexis. She said, “Right on, Alexis. Everything in moderation. Are these the type of individuals responsible for today’s litigious society?”
choosing whole foods for your family makes a person litigious?

YHGTBK took it one step further by stating parents who deny their children junk foods would ultimately harm them. “With most things, moderation is the key. One cookie or Happy Meal isn’t going to harm your children for life. What WILL harm them however is the parental OCD and constant nay-saying to our kids that they can’t have an occasional Happy Meal, candy or dessert because they didn’t eat the mounds of green stuff on their plates (did you eat all the green stuff on your plates?)”
why, yes I did (okay, peas not so much).

What’s Moderate?
Defining “moderation” in our diets is difficult. Both “average” and “reasonable” are definitions for moderate. Is purchasing fast food three times a week moderate? It is if you average the number of times parents purchase fast foods for their kids. How much sugar would be moderate or reasonable in a kid’s diet? The average amount of sugar a child eats in a week is 2½ pounds. How many French fries would be moderate? Twenty-two percent of our potato crop ends up fried. A toddler’s first finger food is a French fry. French fries are 40 percent trans fat. Trans fat has a half-life of 51 days, so would that mean you would purchase French fries once a month or more often for it to be moderate? Artificial colorings and flavorings are derived from petroleum. Ingesting exactly how much petroleum would you consider moderate?

In the Land of Denial “reason” goes out the window and “average” is moderate.

(If you haven’t yet read my Happy Birthday to My Happy Meal blog Click Here.)


One thought on “Land of Denial

  1. Rhonda Bolich-Lampo says:

    Those of us in Shaklee (a 54-year old company) have known about these “preserved” foods for a long time. If you don’t believe it, try it yourself. You can also put a twinkie aside and watch what it does. If it preserves the food, what is it doing to your body? Something to think about.

    Pesticides in and on foods and produce. Be extra diligent in asking at your grocers if their produce is pesticide and herbicide free. Quite frankly our bodies are NOT deficient in chemicals so no need to add more to your diet. Avoid them at all costs for a variety of reasons.

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