Freaky Fried Food

Frying Food Is Unhealthy
We refuse to acknowledge how really bad fried food is for us. Some of the people, who left comments on my Happy Birthday to My Happy Meal blog (which took a lighthearted look at fast food) really got riled up. I’m amazed at how passionate people are about fast food. A few related instances where French fries were found months later looking as good as new. They wanted to know “what’s the big deal?”

We are in denial of the amount of fried food actually we eat. French fries are the number one fried food. Twenty-two percent of our potato crop ends up French-fried.

We regularly feed fried foods to our kids. If you don’t think children eat much fried food: 33 percent of kids eat fast food daily, much of it fried. The French fry is toddler’s first finger food and 21 percent of toddlers eat French fries every day. The number one first finger food for baby is a French fry!

Kaylee is shocked that so much food is fried!

We Fry Everything
French fries are only part of the picture. Unsaturated oils, which have been heated for 30 minutes, forms a highly toxic compound. Restaurants offer kids menus loaded with fried foods. The standby favorite is fried chicken and French fries.

We eat fried food all the time. Fish sandwiches are fried. We fry turkeys. Some fry bananas, pickles and strawberries! Kids love donuts and potato chips — they are fried.

Even vegetables deep-fried are not good for you: Tempura is fried vegetables, we beer batter veggies and then fry them, we fry okra, eggplant and onions (onion rings).

Jamie Oliver in The Food Revolution buries a family’s deep fryer in their back yard. Good for him! Fried foods are associated with obesity, but that’s not all. No matter what kind of oil is used, oil essentially turns into a kind of glue when heated to a high temperature. Fried foods can damage every cell in the body.

Obesity Not The Only Problem
Fried foods have been associated with obesity, but that’s not the only problem. Chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, gallbladder disease, celiac disease, and cancer have been associated with fried foods.

A study published in the International Journal of Cancer by Dr. Miches discovered that early consumption of French fries linked to kids to adult breast cancer. The study observed children between the ages of three and five. The children were given a healthy diet plus French fries. The study concluded a regular consumption of French fires were associated with a cancer increase of 27 percent with one additional serving per week.

Thomas Anderson, Ph.D. writes concerning fried foods, “The problem is not just the acrolein, benzopyrenes and so forth created when vegetables oils are heated, nor the trans fats formed when they’re deodorized or hydrogenated. Excessive consumption is a problem in itself. At not time in history has anyone anywhere consumed so much vegetable oil.”

Problem Compounds With Reheating
Restaurants reuse oils for frying. University of Minnesota researchers A. Saari Csallany, a professor of food chemistry and nutritional biochemistry, and graduate student Christine Seppanen have shown that when highly unsaturated vegetable oils are heated at frying temperature (365 F) for extended periods—or even for half an hour—a highly toxic compound, HNE (4-hydroxy-trans-2-nonenal), forms in the oil. To make matters worse, HNE accumulates with each heating cycle. Restaurants filter their oils for deep-frying and reuse them until they are maple syrup colored.

No matter what oil a restaurant begins with after repeated heating you end up with some trans fat. Trans fat can’t be metabolized in the human body. In fact, trans fat has a half life of 51 days. That means nearly three months after consuming trans fat, you’re body is still dealing with it.

How To Limit Fried Foods
1) Eat fried food, occasionally. This is where we are in denial. Most people don’t realize how much fried food they consume, because it’s purchased out. Never order fried food in a restaurant. My family has a holiday food tradition. We make Italian Rice Balls made with white rice, butter, cheese, rolled in bread crumbs and deep fried. It’s the most unhealthy (yet delicious) food on the planet! We eat Rice Balls only two or three times a year. Be conscious of the food you eat that is fried.
2) Cook it at home with quality oils. An alternative to deep-frying is to brown food in a small amount of oil.
3) Use the oven instead of deep-frying. Click Here for a healthy choice try Oven Fried Potatoes.



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  1. Huge says:

    I’m sorry but, although you have a kernel of truth (living on fried food *is* bad for you), much of what you say is utter tosh.

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