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Fast food still looks edible after one year on office shelf

March 2010 (Denver) — When Joann Bruso’s blog, Happy Birthday to My Happy Meal, went viral it unexpectedly revealed people’s passion about fast foods. Bruso kept a Happy Meal on her office shelf for a year to observe and write about.

Bruso says, “It never smelled bad. The food did not decompose. It did not get moldy, at all.” In fact, she claims that flies, ants and mice ignored it. She says, “after a year the Happy Meal still looks edible.”

Junk and fast foods have created a health crisis and obesity pandemic for our children. This is the first generation not expected to live longer than their parents and the foods our kids eat are directly responsible.

1-Year Old Happy Meal Photo Taken On March 3, 2010

The interest for her satirical expose of children’s fast food penetrated the blogosphere in only a few days. The catalyst was featuring the blog on March 17. followed with a posting linking to The Consumerist. Their site has alone has over 38,700 visits on the Happy Birthday blog and lists it as a favorite.

Despite her server crashing, Bruso has had over 75,000 visits in ten days alone. (Topped 160,000 in October 2010!) When “1-year old Happy Meal” is keyed in a search engine the first ten pages are mostly about the Happy Birthday to My Happy Meal blog and it can be found on at least 47 pages. Bruso has been interviewed across the globe including Canada, England, Scotland, Sweden, China and in the U.S.

McDonald’s issued a statement, calling Bruso’s Happy Meal’s resistance to decay an “urban legend.” They claim it is impossible for their food to look that way after a year without being “tampered with or held frozen.”

As a mother of four and a grandmother (nonna) of eight, Bruso’s heart is to help parents transform their picky eaters and grow healthy kids. Bruso is the author of Baby Bites: Transforming a Picky Eater into a Healthy Eater and regularly writes about family nutrition and health in her Baby Bites Blog. Her objective with the Happy Birthday to My Happy Meal blog is to bring attention to the unhealthy foods we regularly feed our kids.

Nonna Joann’s Tips for Getting Kids to Eat Whole Foods

1)    Purchase whole foods (avoid junk and fast foods)

2)    Time healthy snacks to at least 1½ hours before meals

3)    Incorporate multi-sensory learning during meals

Fresh Happy Meal Photo Taken on March 3, 2009

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