‘Forest Feast’ Pizza Box Flannel Board

Pizza Box Flannel Board

The Pizza Box Flannel Board idea came from my sister, Linda. She has been teaching preschool for over 20 years. Linda uses the Pizza Box Flannel Board for center time. Center time is when the children choose an activity do to alone at a table. In addition, The Forest Feast flannel pieces may also be used on a regular flannel board for group story time.

The Pizza Box Falnnel Board is a fun and inexpensive project to do with your children at home. If you ask, most pizza stores will give you a new box without a charge. First, read the story, The Forest Feast to your children. They will practice the story with the Pizza Box Flannel Board.

pizza-box.JPGFlannel Board Materials List:
The Forest Feast storybook
Pizza Box: medium sized. Ask a local outlet for a unused pizza box.
Flannel: approximately 12″ x 24″ piece for the interior of the box in a dark color. Flannel in various colors for the cut outs.
White Glue
Craft Sticks
White Paper

1. Cover the outside of the pizza box with pictures photocopied from The Forest Feast. You may use the PDF file in Teacher 3-day Plan: Click Here.

2. Cut 1 piece of felt to fit the inside bottom and top of the box as the background. Glue the felt in place with a thin film of white glue. Use a Popsicle stick to spread the film of glue.

3. Make cut outs. On white paper, Trace around images of Try Rannosaurs® and Betty Baby BitesTM in The Forest Feast to make a pattern. Make patterns for the food in the recipe for the Forest Stew: carrots, celery, turnips, tomatoes and the stew pot. Pin the pattern to various colors of flannel and cut. Draw eyes and other details on the images with a felt pen. Store the felt pieces inside the box. If you have an artistic flare, you will be able to free hand the cutouts. Since I don’t, I photocopied images on copy paper, glued them to a small piece of flannel and cut around the images. The cutouts because of the weight of the paper the images are heavier than plain flannel, but they work just fine when the box is laid flat and stay fairly well when it’s setting upright.

Definitions & Questions:

Nutrition: a food which gives our bodies the things it needs to be healthy.

Whole food: plucked or picked; something from the earth. Whole foods help you grow and stay healthy.

Junk food: fills your tummy with no nutrition.

What’s the difference between whole food and junk food? (Both fill your tummy, but only whole foods help your body grow and stay healthy.)

Why don’t Betty Baby Bites® and Try Rannsaurus® eat junk foods? (Junk foods are man-made. They aren’t plucked or picked from the earth.)

Why is Try Rannosaurus® named “Try”? (Because he will try any food.)

Why is Try Rannosaurus® always hungry? (Because he’s a growing dinosaur.)

What’s Try Rannosaurus®‘ favorite food? (Veggies. He often says, “Green food is yummy!”)

Why do the forest animals only eat whole foods? (It’s prehistoric times, only whole foods. Whole foods give their bodies what they need to be healthy and to grow.)

Forest Feast Cover 240Click Here for ordering information for The Forest Feast.

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