Decade of Blessings

DSC01544I can’t believe the first decade of the millennium is almost over! So much has happened in the last ten years (for me, most in the last half of the decade). I “retired” in April of 2004 from my job at a local TV station. My retirement lasted about 6 months, when I began writing my first book, Baby Bites: Transforming a Picky Eater into a Healthy Eater. It was published in 2007. I knew this book was different from all the others on picky eating, because of the emphasis on multi-sensory learning. This was the first milestone.

I then began speaking to moms’ groups about healthy eating. Fortunately, the more I spoke, the better I got at speaking. (My apologies to the first groups I spoke to. Don’t know why I was nervous.)

Nonna and Granddad pray that your family will be blessed in 2010!

The first Baby Bites website went up right after the book was published thanks to my son-in-law, Guy. Things got really busy when the present website with the capabilities to blog went up about year ago. At the same time, the weekly Baby Bites Ezine was launched.  We did some podcasting, What’s Cookin’ with Nonna? Then decided it wasn’t the best use of time. Turning my attention to a whole foods storybook, The Forest Feast, it was published in November 2009. The Forest Feast is also different from other storybooks. Not only is the story fun to read, but it incorporates healthy eating concepts in the parenting book for children.

My PC, which was new when I began to write Baby Bites: Transforming a Picky Eater into a Healthy Eater in 2004, was in the computer hospital three times in 2009. I prayed it would hold on until The Forest Feast went to the printers. It did. Later in November, my husband, Dick, bought me the latest and greatest Mac computer. So the last few weeks, I’ve been taking Apple classes. I love it, but as with all changes, it takes time to adjust to a new way of doing things. In the middle of my computer transition, my website got an upgrade. It looks pretty much the same, but the way it works is improved. Of course I had to figure out how to do things a different way on my site as well!

A last minute surprise came December 15. The tradmarks for Baby Bites and Try Rannosaurus were issued! The trademark processe began December 2004! WOW, who knew it would take so long? Now instead of the ™ mark, I’ll be using the ®.

Whew, 2009 went out with a BANG…I’m tired just thinking about the last few months.

Dick and I have four grown daughters. In the last two years, we hosted two additional weddings, and now have four sons-in-law. We have seven grandchildren, with another due any day. Baby Tristan’s due date is the first week in January, but his parents are hoping for a little 2009 tax deduction. My “Nonna” bag is packed, ready to go as soon as the word is given that the baby is on the way.

I was overcome with blessings during the last decade. I’m sure 2010 holds more surprises as well as blessings! In the works are short Baby Bites® cooking videos for YouTube. Thank you for being a part of the Baby Bites experience. I pray God’s blessings for your family as we step into the next decade.

CLICK HERE for ordering information for Baby Bites®: Transforming a Picky Eater into a Healthy Eater and The Forest Feast: Baby Bites Mealtime Adventures.

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