How to Survive a Holiday Party

How to Survive a Holiday PartySugar, sugar everywhere! How do you survive a holiday party? I’ve already been to one party. It was a “heavy appetizer” meal. This gathering required a payment of $35, so I was hopeful there would be some real food. The food turned out to be a disappointment (not the socializing). Regardless, you don’t want to starve.

It’s possible to remain healthy, even during the holidays! Sugar suppresses the immune system for up to five hours after ingestion. Trans fat has a half-life of 51 days…that’s a long time in your body for one party.

Kids overeat sugary foods during the holidays. Some adults believe that sugar translates to love and fun. If you teach your kids how to survive, they won’t feel deprived. Children are affected more readily after eating sugar as their bodies are not only smaller, but immature.

Phoebe is ready to par-tay!

Planning ahead makes all the difference. Not only for sugar consumption, but for loading up on junk foods in general. I’ve never had to worry about weight gain, but I end up with my stomach complaining after eating too many junk foods.

Teach your children these easy to do tricks and they will not only be healthier today, but for the rest of their lives:

Always eat BEFORE you leave the house. Other people’s idea of what constitutes a meal can be surprising. Eat something light, but satisfying before you leave and you won’t find yourself starving at a holiday gathering loaded with simple carbohydrates and altered fats.

Next, check out the buffet table, before you load up your plate. Usually there will be a few healthful items. Anything resembling a veggie or fruit is a good place to start. I always skip any fried food and mystery food (don’t have a clue as to what it is). Always pass on the sodas. Chips are addictive, so don’t eat from the bowl, but place a few on a plate. Save the sweet items for last and then cut tiny samples to taste and then decide which one you will eat.

When bringing a dish to share, make sure that it’s a yummy healthy recipe and one that you will enjoy eating if there’s not many healthy items.

Finally, self-control is hard for adults, so don’t expect too much from your children the first time you send them off on their own to a holiday party. Practice makes perfect, so remind them how to survive during a party. And for sure, feed them before they leave the house. That way they will have something healthful before they are confronted with a smorgasbord of sugar.


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