Three ‘B’s to Healthy Eating

dsc04008.JPGFresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy, and protein-rich foods compromise a healthy diet. Of course, you have to persuade your kids to eat them. Fast foods, highly sugared foods, snacks loaded with altered fats only make your job harder.

Engineered foods are leaving dietary gaps replacing whole foods. Ironically, experts say, our kids are actually missing out on more nutrients than did then children of the previous century. This generation is not expected to live as long as the last. We would improve our children’s health and longevity if we would feed them whole foods.

Tino can ‘B’ helping & funny.

According to a report by the National Cancer Institute, only 1 percent of children between ages 2 and 19 meet all the USDA Food Guide Pyramid recommendations for grains, vegetables, fruit, meats, and dairy. What’s shocking, 16 percent meet NONE of the recommendations.

Your Child Can ‘B’ a Healthy Eater
B-1: Be aware that in most ways our food supply has been defiled. It’s full of processed foods, which taste great, but have little nutritional value. In addition, many times processed foods contain harmful ingredients. Learn to read labels and discern what they say. A good rule of thumb is if you can’t pronounce an ingredient, it’s not a real food.

B-2: Be vigilant in limiting these poor dietary choices. You accomplish this by purchasing whole foods and limiting processed foods in your kitchen. Your child can’t eat it if you don’t buy it.

B-3: Be a teacher and a role model. Teach your child the value of whole foods. You teach by example and by incorporating multi-sensory learning into your child’s experience. Picky eaters are disarmed when you no longer bribe or make vain threats at the table. Teaching a child to enjoy whole foods requires using all the senses, not just taste. Involve your child in the kitchen and always reinforce how wonderful the food tastes.


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