Teacher’s 3-Day Nutrition Lesson Plan

3-Day Nutrition Lesson Plan

1) Photocopy Try Rannosaurus®. Use a PDF image by clicking on the image to the left. Print in landscape mode. You will get an 8″ X 11″ image. Back Try’s image with cardboard or card stock. Cut a hole in Try’s mouth. Tape a one gallon plastic bag to the back of Try’s head so it opens to the mouth. This baggie will hold the food pictures prepared by the children.

An alternative method is to use a 9″ X 9″ box instead of cardboard. Glue Try’s image to the lid and cut the hole through his mouth and the box lid. The lid is easily removed to retrieve the food pictures and it’s useful for storing them. A box will also provide added stability.

2) Cut pictures of whole foods from magazines and newspapers.

Click on the picture for a PDF File of Try Rannosaurus®.
This file is 22 MB, if you have an older computer it may not load.
You may also photocopy an image of Try from The Forest Feast and enlarge.

Day 1: Read the story “The Forest Feast.”
1) The forest animals eat foods like you and I. What are whole foods? How can we make sure we eat foods which will help our bodies grow and keep us healthy?  (food pyramid)
2) Using the food pyramid, review with children the different food groups and the number of servings which are recommended for one day.
3) Divide the children five groups. Assign each group a different food group from the pyramid.
4) Each group will locate whole foods from a magazine newspaper, or Internet, appropriate from their food group.
5) Place the appropriate pictures together on a paper plate with the heading breakfast.
Children will discuss items found. Answering questions such as: Is that a good choice for breakfast? Is this a whole food? Discuss with the children which drinks are healthy. Would Try or Betty eat this food? Why or why not?
6) Have the children mark off servings used from their food group as they use them. The children will locate foods for lunch on the second day and dinner on the third. The foods will be placed on plates like the breakfast meal.
7) Children will take turns feeding Try. Children will tell what the food is and where it belongs on the food pyramid as they feed him.

Day 2: Repeat with Lunch Items.
Day 3: Repeat with Dinner Items.

Definitions & Questions:

Nutrition: a food which gives our bodies the things it needs to be healthy.

Whole food: plucked or picked; something from the earth. Whole foods help you grow and stay healthy.

Junk food: fills your tummy with no nutrition.

What’s the difference between whole food and junk food? (Both fill your tummy, but only whole foods help your body grow and stay healthy.)

Why don’t Betty Baby BitesTM and Try Rannsaurus® eat junk foods? (Junk foods are man-made. They aren’t plucked or picked from the earth.)

Why is Try Rannosaurus® named “Try”? (Because he will try any food.)

Why is Try Rannosaurus® always hungry? (Because he’s a growing dinosaur.)

What’s Try Rannosaurus®‘ favorite food? (Veggies. He often says, “Green food is yummy!”)

Why do the forest animals only eat whole foods? (It’s prehistoric times, only whole foods. Whole foods give their bodies what they need to be healthy and to grow.)

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