Give the Gift of Health

forest_feast_final-cover.jpgThis holiday season, give the gift of health to a child you love. The Forest Feast: Baby Bites Mealtime Adventures is a delightful storybook with a yummy whole foods message. Best friends Betty Baby BitesTM, a tiny Italian mouse and Try Rannosaurus®, a gigantic T-Rex, eat their way through a prehistoric forest. These lovable buddies experience three whimsical escapades on their way to their weekly forest feast.

Try Rannosaurus® is a growing dinosaur with a massive appetite. Unfortunately, his brain isn’t in direct proportion to his large mass. To make matters more difficult for him, he isn’t the most coordinated creature in the forest either. Try has one thing on his mind–food. His tummy’s growling is a constant source of distraction as he searches for a very special veggie. At day’s end, he surprises everyone.

Betty Baby Bite sTM is Try’s best buddy and she’s the brains behind the dinosaur. She’s a foodie, loving the culinary arts. Betty can often be found supervising meals, while offering encouragement. She loves to interject her favorite Italian words of support: fantastico and bravo.

Betty and Try’s mealtime experiences emphasize the goodness of non-processed whole foods. Vegetable-challenged children are disarmed because Try is eager to try any new food (that’s why he’s named Try) and his favorite is the green variety (after all he’s green). Try bellows, “Green food is yummy” and “I’m so hungry I could eat a tree”!

The Forest Feast is designed as a multi-sensory experience. Recipes are included at the end of each segment, so parents can make the meals that Try and Betty enjoy with their children. In addition there are numerous whole foods activities for parents and teachers to do in conjunction with reading The Forest Feast to children. They are found on the right column of this page: The Forest Feast Teaching Helps: >Click Here.

This holiday season when you purchase The Forest Feast, the shipping is FREE. It’s also available in combo packages with additional savings:

leadphoto1) Combo Pack. You’ll save when you purchase both books! The Combo Pack includes 1 copy of: Baby Bites — Transforming A Picky Eater Into A Healthy Eater, the parenting book. PLUS 1 copy of The Forest Feast — Baby Bites Mealtime Adventures. The Children’s Whole Foods Storybook. >Click Here for more information.

kids-gift.JPG2) Child’s Gift Package.
It’s the perfect gift fusing fun with healthy eating, whether the child is a picky eater or not. The Child’s Gift package makes the perfect holiday or birthday gift for a pre-schooler or early elementary child. The Child’s Gift Package includes The Forest Feaststorybook; an apron with image of either Betty Baby Bites OR Try Rannosaurus; a stuffed green dino, one wooden spoon; and a green gift bag. >Click Here for more information.

My holiday wish for you:
Mangi bene, ridi spesso, ama molto. (Eat well, laugh often, love much.)

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