Read ‘The Forest Feast’ Aloud

The Forest Feast storybook is designed to help develop healthy eating habits in children.
Following are directions for reading the book to a group of children.forest_feast_final-cover.jpg

Read Aloud

Show the children the front cover of the book. Make sure to hold the book in front you in such a way that the children can easily see the pictures. It’s helpful to hold the book up and a bit to the side.

Tell them in just a moment you are going to read them a story called The Forest Feast. Show them the cover with a picture of Try and Betty. Ask what kind of animals are they?

Ask the children, “Do you know what dinosaurs like to eat?” Let some of the kids answer, then say “That’s right! Dinosaurs like to eat all kinds of things… even some things that people can’t eat.”

Point to the pictures of the food items as they appear in the story. Ask the children, “What is this?” Let them call out the answers. Read the story aloud, pausing after you read the words on each page to make sure the children can see the pictures. At the end of the story, ask the children what they ate for breakfast today. The ask, “Would Try or Betty eat this food?” (Try and Betty only eat whole foods.)

Definitions & Questions for Kids

Nutrition: a food which gives our bodies the things it needs to be healthy.

Whole food: plucked or picked; something from the earth. Whole foods help you grow and stay healthy.

Junk food: fills your tummy with no nutrition.

What’s the difference between whole food and junk food? (Both fill your tummy, but only whole foods help your body grow and stay healthy.)

Why don’t Betty Baby BitesTM and Try Rannsaurus® eat junk foods? (Junk foods are man-made. They aren’t plucked or picked from the earth.)

Why is Try Rannosaurus® named “Try”? (Because he will try any food.)

Why is Try Rannosaurus® always hungry? (Because he’s a growing dinosaur.)

What’s Try Rannosaurus®‘ favorite food? (Veggies. He often says, “Green food is yummy!”)

Why do the forest animals only eat whole foods? (It’s prehistoric times, only whole foods. Whole foods give their bodies what they need to be healthy and to grow.)

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