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zachary-oranges.JPGParents think they’re giving their kids nutritious foods. I know I did. Moms often tell me that their child loves fruited yogurt in the cute containers. Yogurt has beneficial probitotics, doesn’t it? What most don’t realize is the yogurt they’re giving their kids has almost as much added sugars as a can of pop!

Isn’t Orange Juice a Whole Food?
Unless you’re drinking juice that you squeezed yourself, you’re not consuming a whole food. Orange juice is another engineered food product that we like to believe is a natural food. Like fruited (and sugared) yogurt, drinking OJ gives a false sense of security that we are consuming something healthful.

We purchase “not from concentrate” orange juice in the dairy case thinking this is a healthier product. Unfortunately, this has been heated, stripped of flavor, stored for up to a year, and then re-flavored before it’s packaged and sold.

Alissa Hamilton reveals in her book, Squeezed, that orange juice is a heavily processed product. If it’s made from concentrate, the juice goes through a process where all the water is removed and with it much of the flavor.

Zach holds the real thing. No engineered OJ for him.

In the case of “not from concentrate” juice, the liquid is pasteurized and de-aerated so it doesn’t oxidize. It’s then put in huge storage tanks where it can be kept for upwards of a year. Then ethyl butyrate (a compound that’s added to perfume as well) is added in order to make it taste and smell like oranges!

To make matters worse, many commercial orange juices are contaminated with mold from processing damaged fruit. So if you regularly drink commercial orange juice you will be exposed to these mold toxins.

You know you are buying a heavily processed juice if the “Best Before” date is 60 or more days in the future. Real fresh-squeezed orange juice will only last for a few days.

What About Vitamin C?
Whole fruit is always better than consuming the juice alone, which is without the fiber. There’s more vitamin C in a single orange than in a full glass of processed orange juice. Remember, truly fresh orange juice only lasts a few days. It if lasts for weeks (or months), it’s not a whole food.

Beware: Even fresh-squeezed juice will cause a major spike in your insulin levels. Eating the fruit with all the fiber is much more beneficial. Elevated insulin levels are one of the primary drivers for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and weight gain.

Am I saying never to drink processed OJ? No, but understand what you’re consuming. Processed OJ has been reduced to sugar water with added synthetic nutrients, It’s not a whole food. You know you have a whole food when it comes in the package that God designed. Anything else has been modified, or even worse, engineered to some extent.

3 thoughts on “OJ Not a Health Food

  1. jackie says:

    What kind of yogurt can you get your probiotics from?
    Any plain yogurt. Look for a yogurt that says “live acidophilus.” If it says “can be used as a starter” indicates there is really live probiotics.
    A big Nonna hug, Joann

  2. Heather Stone says:

    can up load your articles to my facebook page?

    Heather, There is a little off-centered blue “f” (the Facebook logo) at the bottom of each page. Just click on that to load it to your Facebook page. Thanks for asking.
    Nonna Joann

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