Less is More

jada-lemon.jpgLess is more, especially when it comes to processed food. The less you eat of it, the healthier you’ll be. When you eat a processed food, the fewer ingredients, the healthier it is for you. Less is more.

When the demand for organic foods rose, more items became available. You vote with your pocketbook.

Today, you can find organics in just about every grocery store. Some have entire sections just for organic foods. Some, like Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers, everything in their store is organic.

Surprisingly, Jada has a craving for pumpkin pudding.

Even Costco and other big box stores are stocking more organics. Click Here for My Unofficial Costco Organic Foods List. I’m always adding items as I spot them in the store. (If you purchase an organic food item from Costco and it’s not on my list, let me know.)

Whole foods have only a few ingredients and you should be able to pronounce them. Food should be free of artificial colors and flavors, MSG, nitrates, trans fat and other altered fats. If a loaf of bread has an ingredient list as long as your arm, it’s not natural. Bread should contain: a whole grain, salt, yeast, and maybe a little oil.

Turns out that some food manufactures are listening. They are jumping on the natural bandwagon with new labeling indicating fewer ingredients. This is certainly a step in the right direction.

Haaagen-Dazs launched a new ice cream line with only five ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, eggs and one natural flavor. They named the line “Five.” Even with only five ingredients, ice cream is still loaded with sugar. It’s nice to know that when you splurge with a treat that it doesn’t contain artificial ingredients.

It’s autumn and the weather is cooler. We begin to think about warm food. Quaker Oats airs a TV commercial emphasizing the benefits of eating their product for breakfast. Two Quaker Oats round cardboard containers are used as a jet pack and you see the person taking off into space. Right on! Whole grains are powered with long lasting energy. There’s a little problem that pops up at the end of the commercial. Instead of focusing on the oatmeal made from scratch (the kind packaged in round cardboard containers used in the jet pack), they highlight their highly sugared instant packages. In an half a second, we went from a whole food to a highly-processed-sugared food product.

Oatmeal is healthful and one of the most economical breakfasts you can make… yet the instant variety is expensive. You can make your own flavored oatmeal at a fraction of the cost without all the sugars and artificial ingredients. Click Here for two yummy oatmeal recipes.

Pumpkin pudding can be a yummy, healthful dessert, if it’s made from whole ingredients. You’ll want to try my Blender Pumpkin Pudding and eat it while it’s still warm. YUM!

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